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Amazon Fire Stick is an excellent source of entertainment. It has opened doors to stream anything without a cable TV. You will find a decent number of official apps on Amazon App Store. If that doesn’t seem to satisfy your need, then you have the option to sideload third-party apps on Firestick. Every time you access Fire TV, there is something to watch. So, you will never miss movies, TV shows, news, sports, and on-demand. Besides streaming, Firestick does support security and utility apps. Of all, you will get to know the best Firestick apps under each category. Read until the end to find those apps you indeed require on Firestick.

Why Use a VPN with Firestick Apps?

Firestick does support sideloading apps from other sources. As a result, any such apps might let users get involved in streaming copyright issues. But a VPN will help you stay out of any such issues by hiding your online identity. The other advantage of using a VPN with Firestick apps is that it will never let ISPs get involved with internet throttling. As a result, you don’t have to deal with video buffering issues. Having a VPN is all the way beneficial as it will help you unblock geo-restricted apps and access them from anywhere.

Best Firestick Apps

The section below has the list of the best Firestick apps for different purposes.

Best Security Apps for Firestick

A VPN is a must to use on Firestick, irrespective of what you stream. In addition, there are numerous other benefits that VPN offers. For example, consider the top three VPNs to use on Firestick.


NordVPN - Best Firestick Apps

Stream contents without letting others track your activity with NordVPN on Firestick. It has more than 5300 servers in 80+ locations in 59 countries. In addition, NordVPN supports unblocking popular streaming apps. It includes Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

It is one of the no-log policy VPNs available for Firestick. Features include kill switch, P2P servers, blocking malware, and ads. So, it is worth considering VPN to mask your IP address. Supports a maximum of six devices.


ExpressVPN - Best Firestick Security Apps

Firestick users can get ExpressVPN to defeat censorship and content restrictions. It will hide your IP address and encrypt your data. So, no one could identify you. ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers in 160 locations in 94 countries.

Get unlimited access to music, videos, shows, and more geo-limited content. ExpressVPN will let you bypass the internet throttling by ISP. Thus, you can stream content without buffering issues. It can be used on five devices simultaneously.

How to install ExpressVPN on Firestick.


CyberGhost VPN - Best Firestick Apps

Stream without any limits on Firestick with CyberGhost. It lets accessing blocked websites by bypassing digital censorship. This VPN has more than 6200 servers in 90+ countries. It gives unlimited bandwidth and no buffering issues while streaming.

It has military-grade encryption and protects your digital identity. CyberGhost is a no-log policy VPN, and thus your data stays private. It supports P2P torrenting, accessing blocked websites, etc. This VPN works on up to seven devices simultaneously.

Utility Apps

At times, Firestick requires utility apps to stream content without limitations. Hence we have listed the best apps for Firestick under utilities.


Downloader - Best Firestick Apps

For some time now, Downloader has become an essential utility app. It is the most used in sideloading third-party apps. By entering the URL, the Downloader for Firestick will download the app.

The downloader has built-in web browser support. The users can navigate the browser using Fire TV remote or game controller. It can be used for general web surfing as well. Notable features include full-screen mode, zoom, bookmarks, etc.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer - Best Firestick Apps

Managing files would be better on Firestick if you have ES File Explorer. It can be used as a file manager as well as a browser. You can install apps and view compressed files. It supports searching and viewing files locally and on the web.

ES File Explorer on Firestick supports uninstalling and backing up apps. Supports direct playback of music and movies on network devices. Store and access contents from cloud storage. This will save some space on your Fire TV.

How to install ES File Explorer on Firestick.

Amazon Silk

Amazon Silk

Amazon Silk is a fully functional, Fire TV-compatible web browser. It works great for those who want just more than a regular browser. Access websites and watch videos from within Firestick. Silk browser can control web videos and music with Fire remote or Alexa.

This browser can even remember the password of a website. So, logging into the account is a breeze. The browser menu supports navigating back and forward. In addition, you can even add bookmarks to the Silk browser.

Mouse Toggle

Mouse Toggle - Best Firestick Apps

Not all the third-party apps will be Fire TV remote compatible. Hence Mouse Toggle comes into play, and it works as a virtual mouse. Upon installing it, you can navigate those apps that aren’t remote-friendly. It works similarly to any regular mouse control.

Mouse Toggle brings a mouse pointer, supporting click, long click, and dragging. It is a third-party app, and you shall need to install it using Downloader or File Explorer.

How to install Mouse Toggle for Firestick.



DroidAdmin re-branded as FileLinked is the best option to share files. It supports sharing media from photos, videos, music, and Apk files. FileLinked can also be used to sideload third-party apps without any hassle.

Unlike other sideloading tools, FileLinked doesn’t use URLs. Instead, all you need is to enter the file code and download the app. So, the download progress will complete instantly. Further, the FileLinked app even supports downloading multiple files.

Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV - Best Firestick Apps

If you want an alternative to Amazon App Store, Aptoide TV is worth noting. It is a free alternative app store to access lots of Android apps. Aptoide TV has the most extensive collection of apps, and you can access all of them free of cost.

Its user interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Moreover, since its apps are Android-based, accessing them on Firestick has no limitations and restrictions.

How to install Aptoide TV on Firestick.

Best Music Apps for Firestick

Firesticks can be used to listen to music and audio. The best Firestick apps under the music category are as follows.


Spotify - Best Firestick Apps

Never miss listening to your favorite tracks on Fire TV with Spotify. It is a great music app to enjoy all music and podcasts. Like a mobile app, Fire TV users can browse for artists, songs, albums, etc.

Spotify is remote-friendly, and thus, controlling it using a remote is easy. With the premium version, Spotify brings you high-quality audio without any ads. Choose to listen to songs from a wide range of genres, moods, and activities.



Never miss the beat of your life with Pandora on Firestick. It is one of the best Firestick apps to listen to music and podcasts. Access music from your favorite artists instantly. In addition, users can create stations on Pandoro with songs, artists, or genres.

It brings you personalized recommendations based on your mood and activity. Browse from over 1400 podcasts to start listening to them. It has six different modes, and you can use it to customize the station experience.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Get Amazon Music on Firestick to access more than 60 million songs. Prime membership lets you listen to songs without ads. You can download music for offline listening. It will never let you miss any of the latest new releases.

Browse the curated playlists and stations with unlimited skips. It supports playing on-demand tracks and famous artists. With Amazon Music on Fire TV, you can listen to music with Alexa’s support.

News Apps

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings worldwide with the best of news apps on your Firestick.

Fox News

Fox News - Best Firestick Apps

Firestick users will get exclusive and on-demand news with Fox News. It gives the world news, breaking news alerts, trending articles, etc. Fox News brings real-time reporting and 24/7 live headlines. In addition, it has a live video of Fox News shows.

You shall catch up on your favorite Fox News shows episodes or watch free highlights. With Fox News on Firestick, you don’t need cable TV to watch the news.

How to install Fox News on Firestick.

ABC News Live

ABC News Live - Best Firestick Apps

Watch live news utterly free of cost with ABC News Live. It is the best Firestick app that brings the latest headlines. With ABC News Live on Firestick, you will get breaking news notifications. It has curated topics, and you will never miss the biggest news of the day.

Watch the VOD clips from the ABC News broadcast shows. Watch news and stories that matter with personalized alerts and custom interests. Stream local content in the ABC markets.

Sky News

Sky News

Get Sky News on Firestick to watch breaking news stories from around the world. It gives breaking news notifications, and you will get important stories. With the live tab, you can watch Sky News live coverage. It covers top stories, including headlines, live stories, breaking news, etc.

It covers news under other categories like sports, politics, business, the world, and more. In addition, sky News has expert analysis, opinion, eyewitness reports, and more.

BBC News

BBC News - Best Firestick Apps

With BBC News, you will get the latest news from BBC. This best Firestick app also brings the latest breaking news by global journalists. It has live video coverage and thus browses news and article. BBC News covers business, entertainment, health, lifestyle, and more.

Firestick users can even search for news or other stories by topic. Besides this, BBC News gives you personalized information. It suggests topics based on the location and stories you have previously read.

CBS News

CBS News

Get live breaking news on Fire TV with CBS News. It brings 24/7 live news from CBS News. Without a cable subscription, you can watch live coverage and original reporting. In addition, CBS News updates real-time updates throughout the day.

It brings the latest business headlines, multi-channel news, entertainment sports, etc. Besides this, the CBS News app delivers original content and documentary features.

Best Movie & TV Show Apps for Firestick

Firestick has an indefinite number of entertainment apps. With the right app, you will never have to miss your favorite movies and shows. The section covers both officials as well as third-party apps.


YouTube - Best Firestick Apps

Discover the greatest and latest videos with YouTube on Firestick. It is the most used video streaming platform to stream anything. YouTube covers various categories, including music, games, news, entertainment, and more. Google account is all you need for a personalized experience.

YouTube on Firestick supports searching or browsing for videos using voice search. With up to 4K support, you will never have to compromise on the video quality. Over time, you will get personalized recommendations on your big screen.

How to install YouTube on Firestick.


Netflix - Best Firestick Apps

Firestick is compatible with Netflix, the world’s leading subscription service. As a result, it has an ever-expanding collection of movies and shows. With a membership, you can stream award-winning series, documentaries, movies, standup specials, etc.

The more you watch, Netflix gives the best of recommendations. In addition, it supports up to five different profiles. With a kid-friendly interface, Netflix is a safe entertainment app for the whole family.

Prime Video

Prime Video

With Prime Video, Fire TV users will get guaranteed entertainment. It is one of the most affordable streaming services to watch movies and TV shows. Besides this, Prime Video lets you stream Prime Originals. It even includes content in different languages.

It supports streaming videos online as well as downloading the same for offline access. You will get recommendations based on the content you have watched earlier. Prime Video lets you also add titles to your Watchlist and watch it later.


Disney +

Firestick has Disney+ support, and thus you can watch exclusive Disney content. In addition to Disney, it has movies and shows from Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, etc. With the Disney+ app, you can watch classic hits to past releases and new shows.

It has more than 100 titles, and you can watch them in 4K UHD or HDR. Users can download unlimited content on ten different devices. Additionally, Disney+ can be accessed from four screens all at once.

How to install Disney Plus on Firestick.

Apple TV

Apple TV

With the arrival of the Apple TV app for Firestick, you can stream all your favorite TV under one roof. It covers everything from Apple originals, rentals, previous purchases, etc. In addition, Apple TV is an ad-free streaming service with no additional cost.

With Apple TV, you shall access those already subscribed channels. More than 100,000 movies and shows are available in 4K HDR quality. Moreover, it brings curated recommendations for you over time.

How to install Apple TV on Firestick.


Tubi TV

Stream unlimited movies and TV shows with the Tubi app on Firestick. You don’t require any subscription or credit cards. It provides legal content, and you can stream with fewer ads. In addition, Tubi updates free HD shows and movies every week, and you will have something to watch every time.

There are many categories, and you will never run out of content. It includes drama, classics, kids, comedy, etc. In addition, Tubi has award-winning movies and series.

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With HBO on Fire TV, you shall stream movies and TV shows. It gives access to all the HBO episodes and seasons instantly. You will be able to stream the big premieres as they are aired with the HBO app. In addition, it updates the library with the latest hit movies, sports, talk shows, etc.

It brings hand-picked recommendations and thus gives a personalized streaming experience. Download the HBO app to stream epic entertainment content for an unlimited time.

How to install HBO Max on Firestick.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

With BBC iPlayer on Fire TV, you will access the latest TV series and on-demand content. You will find the fully-featured and most popular programs. In addition, it brings you all the BBC exclusives and premieres onto your Firestick.

BBC iPlayer users will stream the catch-up shows of the past 30 days and exclusive shows. It is also a great option to stream live TV content like news, music, sports, documentaries, etc.

How to install BBC iPlayer on Firestick.



Crackle is a free Streaming platform to watch movies and TV shows for free with ad support. With the Crackle platform, Firestick users can sit back and enjoy movies and shows. It has everything from premium TV shows, iconic hits, an entire library of films. In addition, crackle is free, and you can stream on-demand content without a subscription.

Upon creating a free account, you can stream content with fewer ads. It has filter options, including action, comedy, thriller, drama, etc. With Spotlight Channel, Crackle brings you handpicked recommendations.

How to install Crackle on Firestick.



Stremio is an unofficial streaming app that can be accessed on Firestick. It can be installed as an addon to watch movies and shows. You shall discover new content, including channels with it. With Stremio, finding news video content is a breeze.

It has classified contents under genres, categories, ratings, recency, or find contents with the title. Users can even browse through recommendations based on their viewing history.

How to install Stremio on Firestick.



If you love anime shows, then Crunchyroll is a never-miss app. It is one of the best Firestick apps that features 1000 titles. This includes past seasons to new episodes and Crunchyroll originals. Besides this, it has more than 15000 hours of entertainment content.

The contents are fully licensed, and you can stream them after a few hours of broadcast. With the premium version, Crunchyroll has no ads, stream on six devices, offline viewing, and new episodes will be available one hour after they air in Japan.



CyberFlix is a third-party Firestick app to stream unlimited movies and shows. It updates the database frequently, and you will get even the new releases. Moreover, users can choose the quality of the video to stream with subtitle support.

It is free to stream and supports downloading content for offline access. In addition, CyberFlix has a user-friendly interface with well-categorized movies according to genres.

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Firestick isn’t an exclusion to stream video content over Kodi. On the contrary, it is one of the best Firestick apps that is entirely free and open source. Although it has no content, users can add their media to start streaming them on the go.

It supports installing addons, and thus, you will be able to watch anything. This includes movies, TV shows, videos, music, and more. With the 10-foot user interface, Kodi is a perfect app for entertainment with Fire TV remote controls. Learn how to get Kodi on Firestick.

Cinema APK

Cinema APK

The Cinema app is a free platform to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. So, you don’t have to pay even a penny to access the services of the Cinema app. The Cinema app contains popular movies and TV shows and will be frequently updated with the latest movie collections. At the same time, learn how to get Cinema APK on Firestick.

With the intuitive user interface, you will definitely like the Cinema HD APK. And to the means, it is easy to access your favorite entertainment content with ease with the Cinema APK. So, get the Cinema APK installed on your Firestick and watch free movies.

Live TV Apps

Firestick has lots of live TV apps with which you can stream your favorite shows, movies, and more. The best of Firestick apps under live TV includes the following.

Sling TV

Sling TV - Best Firestick Apps

With Sling TV on Firestick, you will get the best live TV on Firestick. It has more than 200 channels that include free and paid channels. In addition, you will be able to stream 85,000+ movies and on-demand shows.

It has lots of news channels support, and thus you will stay up-to-date with the latest happenings. Sling TV also has channels listed under lifestyle, kids, international, etc. Overall it will keep you informed and entertained.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Access unique and exclusive live TV channels at no cost with Pluto TV. It has 250+ channels, of which 100+ are HD channels. Pluto TV lets you watch binge-worthy shows, breaking news, hit movies, live sports, etc.

With the top news channels, you will get up-to-the-minute headlines on your Fire TV. Besides this, you can also stream Pluto TV originals and ever-growing on-demand content. Pluto TV is free forever, and neither charges you on bills nor contracts.

How to install Pluto TV on Firestick.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV - Best Firestick Apps

With YouTube TV on Firestick, you can stream cable-free live TV. It has more than 85 top live channels from both cable and broadcast. At one cost, you can stream news, entertainment, sports, etc., without any hidden fees.

With unlimited cloud DVR space, you can record live TV content and more for later watching. Moreover, it supports up to six accounts per household, and thus, everyone using Firestick gets a personalized experience.

Philo TV

Philo TV

Streaming live TV is much better with Philo TV. It is one of the best Firestick apps to watch live TV and on-demand. With Philo TV, you will get about 61 channels and more than 50000 hours of on-demand shows and movies.

It supports unlimited DVR, and thus, you can save anything from live to scheduled to air contents. Moreover, you will get up to 10 profiles and a personalized experience with Philo TV.

How to install Philo TV on Firestick.


AT T TV - Best Firestick Apps

Whether you want to stream live or on-demand, AT&T has everything. It is the best Firestick app with the best live TV content. You can use AT&T TV to stream live sports and news from top channels. This includes live national, regional, and local sports.

It has more than 55000 on-demand shows and movies. Besides streaming, AT&T TV has 500 hours of cloud DVR storage. Fire TV users can even stream premium channels and their shows at any time.



With Fubo TV, you can stay tuned to your favorite live TV shows. There are more than 100 live TV channels, of which 30 of them let you stream live sports. In addition, it brings you extensive live sports coverage and significant events, including regional sports.

Fubo TV supports streaming 10,000 hours of on-demand shows and movies. You can also catch up most acclaimed series. With 500 hours of cloud DVR storage, you can record almost any content and never miss one.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV

Live Net TV is one of the best free movie apps and Live TV apps for Amazon Firestick because it is different from the apps mentioned above because all the apps are paid versions and the Live Net TV platform is a free version. So, you can enjoy watching the Live TV channels with the Live Net TV app.

With the Live Net TV app, you can watch 100+ live TV channels for free offered from different parts of the world. Also, you won’t be worried about any kind of subscription plans with the Live Net TV app.

Kids Apps

Firestick is one of the most secure media players with a kid-friendly interface. Here are the top best apps for kids available for Firestick.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

With YouTube Kids on Firestick, kids can explore the world in the form of videos. It features everything kids love, from music to shows and more. With one YouTube Kids account, users can create up to eight different profiles. Thus, every profile will get personalized video preferences, recommendations, and settings.

It is a safe app for kids as it features parental controls and parent-approved content. YouTube Kids has search control, timer, watch history, and more.

Popcornflix Kids

Popcornflix Kids

Watching family-friendly movies and TV shows is fun with Popcornflix Kids. It is a Firestick compatible app where kids can navigate between channels. In addition, you can stream free feature-length family movies at no cost and subscription fees.

It lets you choose and stream from hundreds of films instantly. Popcornflix Kids updates new films every day. It has classified movies under genres like animated, comedy, adventure, fairy tales, etc.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids

If you want your kids to learn in a fun way, then get PBS Kids. It is the best Firestick app for Kids to feature educational games. You will find more than 100 free learning games. It is a great platform to let children explore and play learning.

There are more than 180 creative games based on science, math, letters, and lots more. It even supports offline games, local PBS kids station, and more.

Health & Fitness Apps

Working out and looking after health is more comfortable with Firestick at home with any health apps.


Peloton - Best Firestick Apps

With Peloton, Fire TV users can start working out right from home. It will transform any space into a fitness studio. You shall look at fitness training classes provided by expert instructors. In addition, it has thousands of on-demand fitness classes like HIIT, yoga, strength, meditation, and more.

Peloton has a music collection with curated playlists. So, you can work out with your favorite track playing in the background. This app works on equipment as well.

Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand

The world’s best fitness workouts app, Beachbody On Demand, is available for Firestick. It has world-class programs, nutrition guidance, and workouts for almost everyone. You will find the workout that suits your need as it has more than 1500 workouts.

It includes cardio, yoga, dance, strength training, martial arts, and more. With the subscription plan, you will get access to programs by top trainers worldwide.



If you are equally concerned about your body, mind, and spirit, then choose Gaia. It is one best Firestick apps under health, with videos that help you reach your highest potential. The world-class teachers and luminaries will guide you with meditation, yoga, and spiritual growth.

It features more than 8000 shows, films, classes, and articles that will enlighten you. Furthermore, Gaia is available in multiple languages and even has subtitled content.

How to install Gaia Kodi Addon on Firestick.

Photo & Video Apps

Firestick has powerful external media player apps, and the best ones are as given below.

VLC Player

VLC Player - Best Firestick Apps

VLC is the most popular media player app that is compatible with Firestick. It supports playing most of the multimedia content. This includes files from discs, devices, network streaming protocols, etc. In addition, it works as a complete audio player with an equalizer, filters, and complete database support.

With VLC on Firestick, you will get support for multi-track audio and subtitles. Other features include auto-rotation, gesture control like volume, brightness, seeking, aspect-ratio adjustments, etc.

MX Player

MX Player - Best Firestick Apps

Fire TV users can make use of MX Player on Firestick for playing video and audio files. It features hardware acceleration and can be applied to videos with a H/W decoder. In addition, MX Player supports multi-core decoding.

It supports most of the subtitle formats, including those old ones. Use the kid’s lock support, and you don’t have to worry about them operating the Fire TV remote. You can even play movies, shows, music, and lots more from within the MX Player itself.

Nova Video Player

Nova Video Player

Nova Video Player is a universal open-source media player to work on Firestick. It is an open-source player that plays video from PC, server, NAS devices. You can even play the video from the USB storage and supports hardware accelerating decoding.

It supports multiple audio tracks and subtitle support. In addition, Nova Video Player is entirely TV-friendly, and thus, you can access it on Firestick with ease. Moreover, users can browse for content and access them on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best app to watch free movies and TV channels on Firestick?

Cinema APK is one of the best apps to watch free movies on Firestick.

2. Is the Amazon Fire TV Stick app available on Google Play Store?

Yes, the Amazon Fire TV app is available in the Google Play Store.

3. Can I watch Live sports match with the Live Net TV app?

I must inform you that Live Net TV is the Best sports app and you can watch Live sports on Firestick with this platform.

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