Downloader for Firestick/Fire TV: How to Install & Use

Amazon App store is where you will find all the official applications for Firestick. But when you want to download apps other than those made for Firestick, then you need to rely on the sideloading process. Users need to use an external tool to sideload third-party apps on Firestick. Hence Downloader comes into play. It is one of the most preferred options to access third-party apps on Firestick. Get to know about Downloader for Firestick in brief along with its installation technique.

What is Downloader?

Downloader lets Firestick or Fire TV users download files from the internet. It is a free utility tool to sideload apps from third-party sources. So, you need not rely on one another device like a PC or USB drive. Using Downloader, Fire TV users can download files either by entering the URL or with its search feature on its built-in browser.

The app is remote-friendly and hence you can navigate on its browser with ease. Since it features a built-in basic file manager, it supports downloading, installing and deleting files in one interface. Downloader is free with no ads and has been the top choice among Fire TV users when it comes to sideloading third-party apps.

Guidelines to Install Downloader for Firestick

Remember: Some applications are not safe to use in your Firestick. So make sure to analyze the applications before installing them as it may cause serious damage to your device.

With Amazon App Store’s official support for Downloader app, Fire TV users can install the app instantly.

1. From the home screen of Firestick, hover over the Search or Magnifier icon on the top-left.

Select Search icon

2. Use the navigation keys on Fire TV remote to click on search bar to key in as Downloader.

3. Select Downloader on the suggestions that appear below the on-screen keyboard.

  • Otherwise, press and hold the microphone icon on remote to voice search Downloader.
Search for Downloader

4. When the search result appears under Apps & Games section, highlight Downloader tile.

Select Downloader

5. On its info screen, select Download or Get option to begin its downloading on Firestick.

Choose Download

6. When the download gets completed, press the Open button to launch it.

Launch Downloader for Firestick

Guidelines to Sideload Downloader on Firestick

Before going any further you need to tweak the settings to use third party applications on your Firestick.

Configure Firestick

1. Open Main Menu and go to Settings where you will find Device Settings (My Firestick) option. Navigate to click on it.

My Fire TV

2. You shall need to choose the Developer Options.

Developer Options

3. Then click on the Apps from Unknown Sources and turn it on.

Apps from Unknown Sources

4. Then, a pop up will come ask for confirmation. Choose Turn On.

Confirm Turn On

Steps to Install Downloader on Firestick using ES File Explorer

The Downloader applications may not appear for some users, when the app is geo-restricted or if it is still not made available to your region. In such a case, you can sideload the app using the ES File Explorer app.

The ES File Explorer app is a readily available app on the App Store to install on the firestick.

1. Press the Home button on Firestick remote to select Apps.

2. Look for ES File Explorer, select it to launch it.

3. Select Tools from the left section of ES File Explorer to select the Download Manager option.

4. Now, you have to highlight +New option.

5. Provide the URL of Downloader app on the path field and name as ES File Explorer. Click Download Now.

6. When Downloader app gets installed, select Open File and click on Install twice.

7. Finally, click on Open or Done to launch and access Downloader app on Firestick.

Why Use VPN with Downloader?

Downloader supports sideloading third-party apps which might include illegal content. VPN will anonymously connect you to the internet and thus keep you private from ISPs, government, third-parties, etc. Hence with a VPN, you will not get involved with any legal issues including copyright infringement. Using a VPN will unblock region-restricted apps and thus you can install any of them with Downloader. Connecting to VPN is ideal if you consider privacy and security as the foremost thing.

Guidelines to Use Downloader App on Firestick

With the installation, you shall proceed with the steps to access the Downloader app on Fire TV.

Important: Make sure to configure Firestick if you are about to sideload any apps from third-party sources.

1. Go to My Apps & Games section of Firestick to search and launch Downloader app.

2. Opening it for the first time will bring in permission pop-up. Read it and click on Allow to let Downloader use files and device.

Select Allow

3. When updates notes pop-up appears, click OK to proceed with the latest updates.

Choose OK - Downloader for Firestick

4. Select Settings tab on the left pane to select Enable JavaScript checkbox.

Enable JavaScript - Downloader for Firestick

5. To sideload third-party apps, select URL field under Home tab.

  • Otherwise, highlight Browser tab to select the address bar.
Select URL Field - Downloader for Firestick

6. When the on-screen keyboard appears, type the URL of the app you are about to sideload on Firestick. Press GO.

7. Select Install button to start downloading the app within the Downloader app.

8. Then, click on Open to launch it now or select Done to open it later from Your Apps section of Fire TV.

9. Upon landing on the Downloader home screen, click on the Delete button to remove the apk file and free up device space.

10. On the following prompt, select Delete to confirm removing the apk file from Fire TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Downloader app available at no cost?

Yes. Downloader is a absolutely free and is available for the Fire TV without any cost.

Can I use Downloader to jailbreak Firestick?

Yes. Downloader can be used to jailbreak Fire TV and it involves no complications.

What is the use of Favorites tab on Downloader?

The downloader app shows you those frequently visited websites with which you install or update the apk file.

What are the apps with which Downloader works without any flaws?

Downloader supports downloading almost any apps. However, the most notable ones include Kodi, Showbox, Aptoide, APKTime, etc.

What are input devices that Downloader supports?

Being available on Amazon App Store, Downloader is developed to be Fire remote-friendly. In addition, it can be accessed using a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard.

That is all about Downloader for Firestick. Do drop us your queries in the comment box.

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