How to Install Gaia Kodi Addon on Leia & Krypton

Kodi is an all-purpose media center that offers thousands of content to stream. A community of Kodi users maintains the app and hence gets updated frequently. Kodi is the source of many addons, and thus its users get the chance to stream almost everything just like TV. Of all the best Kodi addons, we are here to discuss the Gaia Kodi addon installation in detail. The steps given in this section will work on Kodi-compatible devices like Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Mac, Windows, etc.

What is Gaia Kodi Addon?

Gaia is a third-party Kodi addon that features a huge collection of movies and TV shows. It is a fork of the popular addon called Bubbles. With Gaia, users can access movies, TV shows, and more in high quality. It fetches scrapes from the web from different sources. It supports IMDb, Emby, Trakt.TV, and more. So, you get the chance to choose from a wide range of streaming links. Gaia is better for binge-watching episodes on the go.

Guidelines to Install Gaia Kodi Addon

To use Gaia on the Kodi platform, you shall need to follow the steps given below.

Configure Kodi

Gaia is a third-party Kodi addon. So, you should carry out the below steps at first.

1. After you launch the Kodi app, click on the Settings (Gear icon) available below the Kodi logo.

Settings - Gaia Kodi Addon

2. Select the System Settings tile on the System window to open it.

System - Gaia Kodi Addon

3. Choose the Add-ons option on the left panel.

4. On the same window, click the slider of Unknown Sources to enable it.

Unknown Sources - Gaia Kodi Addon

5. If a warning prompt appears, select Yes to accept the end result of using third-party addons on Kodi.

Yes - Gaia Kodi Addon

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Step to Add Gaia Kodi Repo Source on Kodi

The steps given below are all about adding the repo source of Gaia on Kodi, respectively.

1. On the Kodi home screen, navigate to select the Settings icon.

2. Then, select the File Manager tile on the System window.

File Manager

3. Choose the Add source option either from the left or right panel.

Add Source - Gaia Kodi Addon

4. Select the <None> option on the Add file dialog box that appears on-screen.

None - Gaia Kodi Addon

5. On the following window, enter the source URL of Gaia using screen keys and press OK.

Gaia Source URL:

Enter Source URL

6. On the source name field, type as Gaia and press the OK button.

Enter Source Name

Steps to Install Gaia Repo and Gaia Addon

After adding the Gaia source, you shall proceed with installing the Gaia repository and the addon.

1. On the Kodi home screen, select the Add-ons option from the left pane.


2. Select the Package Installer icon from the top-left.

Package Installer

3. Choose the Install from zip file option.

Install from Zip file

4. On the following dialog box, select Gaia, the source name you have provided earlier.

Select Gaia

5. Select the Zip file of the Gaia repository and press OK.

Select Gaia Zip file

6. If you get the Gaia Repository add-on installed message, select Install from repository.

Install from Repository - Gaia Kodi Addon

7. Navigate on the list of the installed repositories to select Gaia Repository.

Select Gaia Repository

8. Choose the Video add-ons option on the Add-ons window.

Video Add-ons

9. From the available addons, select Gaia to proceed.

Choose Gaia

10. Select the Install button to start its installation on your Kodi.

Install - Gaia Kodi Addon

11. You need to wait for the Gaia add-on installed notification to appear on the screen.

Gaia Kodi Addon Installed

12. Select the Ok button when Gaia shows the add-ons that will be installed.

 Choose OK

13. To set up YouTube, press Yes.

Select Yes

14. Select Yes or No whether you want to adjust language and region.

Adjust Language and region - Gaia Kodi Addon

Why Use VPN on Kodi

Kodi users are recommended to use a VPN for the best streaming experience. Since your identity stays anonymous with a VPN, your activity online is safe. No one, including the government, ISP, and hackers, cannot spy on your internet activity. Kodi is all about third-party addons, and you may come across streaming copyright content. You will not get attracted by the legal issues as long as you have a VPN for Kodi. Besides this, you can also stream geo-restricted content without any limits with a VPN on Kodi.

Guidelines to Use Gaia on Kodi

Upon installing Gaia on Kodi (Leia or Krypton), you shall proceed with the steps to use Gaia on your Kodi-installed device.

1. From the Kodi app’s home screen, select Add-ons from the left pane.

2. Select the Video add-ons option and then highlight the Gaia addon.

Choose Gaia - Gaia Kodi Addon

3. Upon opening Gaia addon for the first time, you will get the update prompt. Press OK.

Press OK

4. Choose the Agree button if you get a Disclaimer prompt.

Agree - Gaia Kodi Addon

5. On the configuration wizard, select the OK button.

OK - Gaia Kodi Addon

6. Based on the Kodi version, you will get Basic Settings without Help Labels or Full Settings with Help.

Basic or Full Settings

7. Choose the Reaper Setup option on the Setup Mode window.

Choose Reaper Setup

8. On the following pop-ups, select Yes and then Continue.

Yes - Gaia Kodi Addon

9. Select Continue on the Accounts window.

Select Continue - Gaia Kodi Addon

10. When you get the configuration wizard, select Continue.

Continue - Gaia Kodi Addon

11. On the Providers window, choose Continue.

12. Select between Manual or Automatic playback.

13. When you get the Announcement window, make a click outside it.

14. The main screen of Gaia will appear. Choose Tools.

Tools - Gaia Kodi Addon

15. Select the option Settings on the Videos screen.


16. Click on the Advanced option.

Advanced - Gaia Kodi Addon

17. Choose Providers 1 on Kodi 18 or Providers on Kodi 17.6.

18. On the same screen, click Installation or Defaults.

Providers - Gaia Kodi Addon

19. When you get the prompt, select Yes to finish the installation.

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Guidelines to Verify Providers on Gaia Kodi Addon

The below steps is all you need to verify the providers on the Gaia addon.

1. Navigate to Tools to select Settings and click on Providers 1.

2. Under the External Providers section, choose Providers.

Select Providers

3. Select Disable All option on the Gaia – Providers settings.

Disable All

4. Choose to Enable English option.

Enable English

5. Select Close on the following window.


6. From the main screen of Gaia, choose Tools, and select Verification.


7. Highlight and select the Providers option.


8. Allow the verification process to end.

Verification Process

9. On the verification completed window, press the back button.

Verification Complete

10. Select Yes on the verifying Providers pop-up.

Select Yes

That’s all. Installing and using the Gaia Kodi addon requires all the above steps to be carried out. For any other clarifications, you shall ask us through comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate Real Debrid with Gaia?

Yes. Gaia supports Real Debrid account integration. Go to Tools > Settings > Advanced > Accounts 1 > scroll down to enable Real Debrid. Choose Authentication > visit to activate.

How to fix Gaia addon not working issues?

You shall resolve this issue by clearing the cache memory of Kodi. With this, you can access the Gaia addon without any issues.

Why do Gaia addons show No stream Available?

Few titles get removed from Gaia, and when you try streaming them, you will see no stream available message.

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