Mouse Toggle for Firestick: How to Install & Use on any App

Upon jailbreaking, Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV supports installing third-party apps. Whether you knew or not, not all of the apps that you sideload on Firestick would be remote-friendly. This means that the developer has developed it to work on touch devices and not on a smart TV. Thus there occurs an incompatibility of using touch-friendly apps on Firestick. However, this issue can be better overcome with the help of the app Mouse Toggle for Firestick. If that sounds interesting, then you shall read the section below.

What is Mouse Toggle?

Mouse Toggle is a virtual mouse app that can be used to navigate apps that aren’t remote-friendly on Firestick. With this app, you will get a mouse pointer and you can just navigate the way you do on a regular mouse. It can be used to perform functions like click, long click, wheel up, wheel down, and drag. The users of the Mouse Toggle app can let the pointer appear or disappear at any time. So, you can switch between the Firestick TV remote and Mouse Toggle functions at any time without any complications.

Guidelines to Get Mouse Toggle for Firestick

Since Mouse Toggle isn’t accessible from Amazon App Store, Firestick users need to proceed with sideloading. Hence the below section first lets you enable Unknown Sources and then move on with steps to sideload.

Configure Amazon Fire Stick

1. Use the navigational keys to select the Settings option from the menu of Fire TV.

Firestick Settings

2. On the setting screen, select Device or My Fire TV.

Choose My Fire TV

3. Choose Developer options on the following window.

Select Developer Options

4. Check if Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging options are turned ON. Else click on it to enable it.

Apps from Unknown Sources

5. Firestick will bring you warning pop-up narrating the risks involved in installing third-party apps. Read it and click Turn ON.

Confirm Turn On

With this, Firestick users can install the third-party apps including Mouse Toggle.

Steps to Sideload Mouse Toggle on Firestick using Downloader

The downloader app is used as the sideloading tool here in this section. With this, you will be able to get Mouse Toggle on Fire TV.

1. To launch Downloader app, press the Center button of Fire TV remote.

2. If it brings you a prompt, click Allow to let it access your files, media, etc.

Select Allow

3. Downloader will open with Home tab clicked in already. Navigate to click on the URL field.

Select URL Field

4. On the on-screen keyboard pop-up, type the following link and press GO.

Mouse Toggle Download Source

5. Let the Downloader connect with the server to download the Mouse Toggle app.

Mouse Toggle Download Progress

6. When Mouse Toggle asks you accessing your device, select Install to proceed further.

Install Mouse Toggle on Firestick

6. Wait for the screen to show App Installed notification and click Open to launch it. Or select Done to open it later.

Launch Mouse Toggle on Firestick

7. When redirected to Downloader, you shall need to click on Delete to remove the apk file of Mouse Toggle.

Delete Mouse Toggle Apk

8. If it prompts to confirm removing the app, you shall need to just press Delete once again.

Confirm Delete

Why Use VPN with Mouse Toggle on Firestick?

While using Mouse Toggle, your internet activity will be monitored by the ISP by default. In such a case, if you are found to be streaming any copyright contents, then it will bring in legal issues. But a VPN will hide your online activity and thus you don’t have to deal with any legal problems. Also, VPN will help you bypass the geo-restrictions and thereby lets you stream almost any apps. It is all the way useful if you want to bypass the ISP throttling. For all these reasons, it is recommended to use a VPN with Mouse Toggle.

Guidelines to Use Mouse Toggle on Firestick

The following steps should be carried out after configuring the ADB Debugging on your Firestick Settings.

1. Press the Home key on your Firestick remote to select Apps on Shortcut to Your Apps Library.

2. Navigate to the bottom to highlight the Mouse Toggle tile. Just click on Options button on Fire TV remote and choose Move.

Select Mouse Toggle

3. Move the Mouse Toggle tile to the top of the screen and click the OK key of the remote.

4. You shall now select Mouse Toggle app from the top of Your Apps & Games section to launch it on Firestick.

5. Mouse Toggle will open up with its main screen.

  • Check if Enable the mouse service and Auto start the mouse service on device start-up options are enabled.
  • If Status shows Started, then it means Mouse Toggle is enabled and working.
Mouse Toggle on Firestick

6. To use the Mouse Toggle on any app, press Play/Pause button on the Firestick remote twice.

  • With this the pointer will appear and you shall navigate to choose any option by pressing the Select button on the Fire TV remote.

7. To scroll pages using the Mouse Toggle app, you shall need to press Play/Pause button and then Down navigation key.

  • The cursor will expand and you can scroll the pages.

Installing and accessing Mouse Toggle on Fire TV requires all these procedures to be carried out. Hope it was a useful section for you. In case if you need any clarification, then drop us a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn off Mouse Toggle?

Yes. If you want to use the Firestick remote, then you shall turn off Mouse Toggle at any time. All you need to do is just press the Play/Pause button once and then press the Navigation key.

Why don’t I find the mouse pointer when Mouse Toggle is enabled?

The mouse pointer of the Mouse Toggle app will disappear after a few seconds of getting into an idle state. To get back, you need to press the Play/Pause button twice.

Will Mouse Toggle work on all the Firestick apps?

Yes. It is compatible with all those apps that are incompatible with Firestick TV remote. Mouse Toggle’s pointer can even any section of any app and lets you select an option which otherwise isn’t possible with your remote.

How to fix Mouse Toggle isn’t working issue?

If you find this issue, then it is because ADB Debugging isn’t enabled on your Firestick. Upon turning on, Mouse Toggle will start working as usual. Few devices requires changing display settings under Settings > Display & Sounds > Display > Video Resolution > choose 1080p 50 Hz.

What are the alternative ways of getting Mouse Toggle on Firestick?

In addition to Downloader, Fire TV users can use ES File Explorer for firestick to download and install Mouse Toggle on Firestick.

Author: Kacey Butler

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