Eternal TV on Firestick

Eternal TV IPTV on Firestick: How to Install

There are an infinite number of cord-cutters available in the market. Yet streaming at an affordable rate is possible only with Firestick. It is highly popular with a large number of streaming apps it supports. This definitely includes entertainment apps from third-party sources. Right on this section, you will get to know more in detail about Eternal TV. This guide entirely deals with the installation of Eternal TV on Firestick, and other devices including Android TV, Android Boxes, Android phone, Roku, etc.

What is Eternal TV?

Eternal TV is a subscription-based IPTV service to watch live TV and on-demand content. It is rated to be an affordable IPTV with more than 9000 live TV channels. In addition, you will also find more than 20000 VOD contents from across the regions. With Eternal IPTV, you will also get access to lots of cable TV channels from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, South Asia, and lots more. It comes with an interactive EPG guide and thus you will know about the details of shows about to air and being aired.

Important: At times, Eternal IPTV will restrict the subscription in order to maintain the server load at a stable point. So, you will likely end up checking it once again to subscribe to Eternal IPTV.

How to Install Eternal TV on Firestick

Follow all these sections given below carefully to get Eternal TV IPTV on your Fire TV.

Signup for Eternal IPTV Account

Before installing Eternal IPTV, you shall need to sign up for an account. Here is all you need to do.

1. Open a browser on any of your devices and visit the official page of Eternal IPTV (

2. Navigate to the bottom and select a plan from the available ones and click on Order Now button.

  • The plans include the following
    • 1C Hosting – $5/month
    • 3C Hosting – $8/month
    • 5C Hosting – $10/month
Select Settings

3. Complete the information on the registration form, check in the Terms of Service, and click the Register button.

Registration Form

Configure Firestick

As Eternal is a third-party service, Fire TV users need to make some changes to the device settings.

1. From the home screen of Firestick, select the option called Settings from the menu bar at the top-right.

Select Settings

2. Navigating on the right will bring you My Fire TV or System or Device. Click on it.

Click My Fire TV

3. Then, you need to select Developer options on the following screen.

Choose Developer Options

4. If you could see Apps from Unknown Sources, select it and Turn On it.

Choose Apps from Unknown Sources

5. You will get a warning prompt by Firestick. Just select Turn On button to proceed.

Choose Turn On

Steps to Sideload Eternal TV on Firestick

In order to get the Eternal IPTV app on Fire TV, you shall make use of the tool called Downloader for firestick. If you haven’t installed already, then get it from the Amazon App Store and then follow the steps as given below.

1. Press the Home key on the FireTV remote and select Apps option.

2. Navigate to select Manage Installed Applications to click on Downloader.

3. Choose Launch application option to open it on your Firestick.

Note: If you are opening it for the first time, then proceed with a series of prompts.

4. With Home tab select by default, make a click on the URL field.

Downloader Home tab

5. On the following screen, enter the URL of the Eternal TV as following and press GO.

Eternal IPTV URL:

Enter Eternal TV URL

6. Allow the Downloader to connect with the server of Eternal app to let it download it

File Download Progress

7. Select the Install button to begin the installation once after the download process gets completed.

Select Install

8. Wait for few minutes to let the installation to complete.

Eternal TV Apk Installing

9. After you get App installed notification, click on the Done button.

  • Click on Open button only if you don’t want to remove the apk file of the app.
Select Open or Done  - Eternal TV

10. On the Download pop-up, click Delete button to remove the apk.

Click Delete

11. Lastly, select Delete button once again to confirm deleting Eternal IPTV app.

Delete Eternal TV

Why Use a VPN with Eternal TV?

Keeping your internet activity including what you stream over Eternal TV hidden is possible with a VPN. Otherwise, the ISP will track your online activities even without your knowledge. VPN will mask your original IP address and thus no one including ISP, government, and third-parties can hack or track you. Third-party apps live Eternal app will likely result in bringing copyrighted contents. Streaming them without a VPN will result in copyright infringement. Stay anonymous while watching such content with a VPN connection.

Guidelines to Use Eternal IPTV

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to use Eternal IPTV on your Firestick.

1. On the Firestick home screen, select Your Apps & Channels from the second row.

2. Select See All tile and get down to look for Eternal IPTV to select it.

Select See All

3. Press the Options key on the Fire TV remote to select Move icon.

Select Eternal TV

4. Drag and drop the app anywhere in the first two rows. Select the app to launch it.

5. When the login screen appears, you shall need to provide the login details. i.e., username and password as you have received on your email.

Enter Login Details - Eternal TV

How to Install Eternal IPTV Addon on Kodi

As Eternal IPTV can be accessed as an addon on Kodi, this section will guide you on its installation procedure.

Configure Kodi

Eternal IPTV isn’t available officially as a Kodi addon. Hence you need to make the following changes.

1. Launch Kodi app on your device and select Settings option from the home screen.

Kodi Settings

2. Navigate to select System tile under the settings section on System window.

System Settings

3. On the next screen, choose Add-ons on the left column and select slider next to Unknown sources to enable it.

Enable Unknown Sources

4. On the Warning prompt, you shall choose Yes to proceed with the damages that occurs as the result of using addons.

Accept Warning prompt

Steps to Add Repo Source URL of Eternal IPTV

In order to get Eternal IPTV, you shall need to add its respective repo source URL on Kodi. Here are the steps you should carry out.

1. From the home screen of Kodi app, select Settings or the Gear icon.

Select Settings

2. Choose File manager option under the system screen.

Choose File Manager - Eternal TV

3. Select Add source option either from the left or right pane.

Select Add Source

4. Choose <None> when you get Add file source dialog box.

Choose None

5. On the next screen, type the URL of Eternal IPTV repo and press the OK button.

Eternal IPTV Repo Source URL:

Provide URL - Eternal TV

6. Then, provide the name of the repo by selecting the name field as Eternal and then click OK.

Enter Source Name - Eternal TV

Steps to Install Eternal IPTV on Kodi

Upon adding the source URL of the repository, you shall proceed with installing Eternal IPTV.

1. Start over from the Kodi home screen by selecting Settings option.

2. Choose Add-ons tile when you get into the System screen.

Select Add-ons

3. Click on Install from zip file option.

Click on Install from Zip file

4. Then, select the source name as you have entered. Here it is Eternal.

Select Eternal

5. Select the zip file named

Click on Zip file

6. Wait for the repository installed notification to appear.

Misfit Repo Installed Notification

7. Now, choose Install from repository option.

Click on Install from Repository

8. Click on the misfit mods:Repository from the available repositories.

Choose misfit mode Repository

9. On the following screen, choose Video add-ons option.

Select Video addons

10. Tap on Eternal TV option on the next screen.

Select Eternal TV

11. Navigate to the bottom to choose Install button.

Install Eternal TV

12. When you get a prompt, choose OK to proceed with installing the additional addons.

Click OK

13. Allow Kodi to let install the IPTV. If you get Eternal IPTV add-on installed notification, get back to the Kodi home screen.

Eternal TV installed

14. Click on Add-ons option and then select Video add-ons.

15. You need to now select Eternal TV and then enter the username and password of the service.

Choose Video addons and Eternal TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to change the password of Eternal IPTV?

Yes. If you are a subscriber of Eternal IPTV, then you can change the online account and streaming password that you have received over email.

How to reset the online account password of Eternal IPTV?

You shall reset the password of Eternal TV by visiting its official website. ( Click on Forget password and provide a registered email address to reset the password.

Does Eternal IPTV offers free-trail?

Yes. New users of Eternal IPTV will get 24-hours free trail.

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