Kodi Build is a one-stop destination to stream and access almost anything. With the right Kodi build, you can turn your device into an ultimate streaming tool. So firstly, Kodi Builds is all you need. Since Kodi is an open-source media center available for free, you could find a lot of addons and builds on Kodi. If you aren’t sure of which addon to choose or want to customize Kodi with skins, themes, settings, etc. While we have already discussed the best Kodi builds, you will deal with Duggz Kodi Build here in this section.

Note: You shall install Duggz build on Firestick, Android TV, Android Boxes, Windows and Mac PC, Android Smartphones and tablets, etc.

What is Duggz Kodi Build

Duggz is one of the most useful Kodi builds that comes with lots of built-in addons. With this, you can stream movies, live TV, the latest episodes, channels, sports, and kid’s content. It seems to work fast and despite its heavy file size. The best part of the Duggz build is its organized interface which is easy-to-use even by novice users. There are about 15 categories, and you shall stream content in no time. Some of the categories include TV Shows, catchup, comedy, kids fix, movies, documentaries, live TV, etc.

Important Update: Duggz build isn’t working, and you shall try out anything from our best Kodi builds list.

Installation Guidelines of Duggz Kodi Build

We have split the installation procedure of the Duggz build in the section, and you can follow the steps in the same order.

Configure Kodi

Duggz isn’t a part of Kodi repo. It is mandatory to enable Unknown Sources on Kodi to install any third-party builds.

1. Start from the Kodi app’s home screen by selecting the Gear (Settings) icon.


2. Navigate to click on the System or System Settings tile.

System Settings

3. Highlight Add-ons and turn on the slider of Unknown Sources.

Turn on Unknown Sources

4. If you get the warning pop-up, select Yes to proceed.

Select Yes

Steps to Install Duggz Pro Media Wizard on Kodi

To access the Duggz build, you should install the Duggz Pro Media Wizard, and the steps are as follows.

1. Launch the Kodi app to click on the Cog (settings) icon from its home.

2. Select File Manager on the system window.

File manger

3.Navigate to click on the Add source option.

Add Source

4. On the following dialog box, choose <None>.


5. Type the source URL on the provided field as http://addplugin.xyz and press OK.


6. Input a unique source name for the above URL as dugzz and click OK.

Source Name - Duggz Kodi Build

7. Get back to Kodi home and choose the Add-ons.

Add-ons - Duggz Kodi Build

8. Select the Package Installer (open-box) icon.

Package Installer

9. Using the down arrow key, select the Install from zip file option.

Install from Zip file - Duggz Kodi Build

10. Look for the source name as provided and click on it. i.e., dugzz.

duggz - Duggz Kodi Build

11. Select Duggzwizard on the Install from zip file dialog box.

DuggzWIzard - Duggz Kodi Build

12. On the following dialog, select the plugin.program.duggzpromediawizard.zip file.

Zip file - Duggz Kodi Build

13. If the installation completes, you will see DuggzProMediaWizard Add-on installed notification.

DuggzProMediaWizard installed

14. Click on the Dismiss button if you see the developer’s notes prompt.

15. When asked to enable different settings, select the options or go with the default options. Click Continue.

Continue - Duggz Kodi Build

16. On the pop-up that appears, select Ignore to use the build menu from the Kodi home. Select Build Menu to use the builds section of the Wizard.

Ignore - Duggz Kodi Build

17. When you get the same pop-up, select Dismiss, Continue and Ignore buttons one by one.

Steps to Install Duggz Kodi Build

With the installation of Duggz Pro Media Wizard, you shall proceed with installing Duggz Build.

1. On the Kodi home, select the Add-ons.

2. Choose Program add-ons and click on the Duggz Pro Media Wizard.

Duggzpromediawizard - Duggz Kodi Build

3. Hover to select the Duggz Builds option.

Duggz Builds - Duggz Kodi Build

4. Select between Duggz All in One Krypton or Duggz Black Glass build.

Krypton or Black Glass - Duggz Kodi Build

5. Click the Fresh Install button to reset your Kodi and restore its default settings. If you don’t want to lose some data, click Standard Install.

Fresh install - Duggz Kodi Build

6. Select Continue on the pop-up to restore Kodi to default settings.

Tap Continue - Duggz Kodi Build

7. Allow the build to complete its download process on your Kodi-compatible device.

Download progress - Duggz Kodi Build

9. Once the installation is done, select Force Close, and you have successfully installed Duggz build on Kodi.

Why Use VPN on Kodi

Kodi’s open-source nature is one solid reason for it to hold illegal content. As a result, you might get access to such titles while using addons and builds. To stay away from copyright infringement issues, you should use a VPN for Kodi. It creates an encrypted tunnel, and everything you stream or surf on the web will stay hidden. You can take advantage of the location-specific tiles without any limits with a VPN. It will unblock the throttling issues, and you can stream anything without buffering.

Movies and Shows - Duggz Kodi Build

Duggz Kodi Build – An Overview

Duggz is a relatively useful Kodi build that works smoothly. It features lots of categories, and you will find them on its home screen. Besides, it features the largest collection of databases with video addons for movies, live TV, kids, adults, sports, shows, etc. The following is the list of categories you will find on the Duggz build.

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Sports
  • Comedy
  • Music
  • 4K Movies
  • Boxsets
  • Documentary
  • Kids
  • Free TV
  • Catch Up
  • Replays
  • Workout
  • Adult XXX

You will find lots of addons on the Duggz build like DeathStar, Supremacy, Maverick, Man Cave, Numbers, The Magic Dragon, Exodus Redux, SportsDevil, cCloud TV, Flix Sport, Yoda, etc.

Guidelines to Change the Skin to Default Estuary

If you face any issues with Dugzz, you shall proceed to switch back to the default skin, Estuary, by removing the build.

1. On the home screen of Duggz, you shall select Settings or System.

2. Choose Interface Settings.

3. Select Skin and click on Estuary.

4. On the pop-up, select Yes to proceed with the changes.

That was all about the Duggz build and its installation procedure. Being a heavy-sized build, it does slow down the devices that have low-RAM, including Firestick. Otherwise, it is worth using Kodi build.