How to Reset Kodi to Factory Default Settings [2021]

Kodi is the best media center that runs on almost any device you own. It is the ultimate entertainment center and has a community like no other. It has a giant catalog of addons for endless entertainment. Like any other apps, Kodi also brings you performance issues. You may get into this problem if you have too many Kodi addons. In that case, you need to fix it up to ramp up the app. There are multiple fixes that you can rely on to fix the performance glitch. But when none of them works, you should reset Kodi to get back its performance. With this, you are putting your Kodi back to default settings. It is to note that resetting Kodi will remove all your data, addons, builds, and settings. If you are about to start with Kodi as a clean slate, proceed with how to reset Kodi on a Firestick / Fire TV.

How to Reset Kodi?

The section below helps you reset Kodi to start from the factory default, or you can quickly start with a backup. You can follow the below sections as per your requirement. Before you begin to reset Kodi, you need to take care of certain things. i.e., you should back up your Kodi data to restore and access it.

Steps to Backup Kodi using Ares Wizard

Kodi supports backup of the data using Ares Wizard. It is the most efficient way to backup and restore the data. Follow the section below to back up Kodi with Ares Wizard on Kodi.

1. Launch Kodi on your device and select Add-ons on the left panel.

2. Click on the Program Add-ons and choose the Ares Wizard tile.


3. Navigate to click on the Backup tab.

Backup Tab

4. Under the Backup section, click on Select Destination to choose the location where you want to store the backup file.

Select Destination

5. On the left pane, select the Backup menu on the pop-up window.

Backup option

6. Tap on the Backup destination folder to back up your Kodi data.

Backup destination folder

7. On the Backup destination folder window, select Root filesystem.

Root filesystem

8. Click on the sdcard option to proceed.


9. Choose the folder where you want to save the Kodi backup data. You can select any existing options. For instance, backups.


10. You can choose any folder or create one new. For example, Kodi.

kodi option

11. Select the folder to open it on your Kodi device and press OK.

Kodi folder

12. Upon selecting the backup destination folder, click OK on the Ares Wizard settings window.


13. On the next screen, you will see the Refresh option under the Backup section. Click on it.


14. Now, you shall choose the data you want to backup and tap on the Make Backup button.

Make Backup - How to Reset Kodi

15. When prompted to skip or keep the backup of the packages, choose Yes to skip. Else press No.

Skip Packages

16. With this, Ares Wizard will start backing up your Kodi, and you will see a progress bar.

Download progress - How to Reset Kodi

17. When asked to view the skipped files, select No to end the backup.

Choose No - How to Reset Kodi

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Steps to Reset Kodi on Firestick

You can reset Kodi in two different methods. i.e., you can clear Kodi data without uninstalling it or by uninstalling the apps and removing all the associated files. The interface of the Kodi will display all the installed addons before the reset.

Note: The procedure given below is more similar on Firestick, Android TV, Nvidia Shield, Android Boxes, etc.

Clear Kodi Data on Firestick

The effortless way to reset Kodi to factory default is to clear its data. It will keep Kodi on your device while removing all the addons, settings, customizations, etc.

1. On the Kodi app’s home screen, choose the Settings menu at the top.

2. Scroll to the right side. Highlight Applications and press the select button on the remote.

Applications - How to Reset Kodi

3. Choose the Manage Installed Applications option.

Manage Installed Applications

4. When the screen displays the installed apps, scroll to click Kodi.

Select Kodi - How to Reset Kodi

5. Select Clear Data to proceed further.

Clear Data

6. On the following screen, press Clear Data to confirm your action.

Choose Clear Data

7. Get back to the previous screen, and you will see cache storage has been cleared.

Data Cleared - How to Reset Kodi

8. You shall go to the Firestick home screen and run Kodi on your device.

9. Kodi will start preparing its first run, and it will finish in few minutes.

Preparing Kodi - How to Reset Kodi

10. Click on the Addons option, and you will find the Kodi interface as fresh.

Uninstall Kodi on Firestick

If you want to remove Kodi data and uninstall Kodi app on your device, you can follow the steps given below.

1. Go to Kodi Settings from its home screen to click on Applications.

2. Choose Manage Installed Applications to select Kodi.

Choose Kodi - How to Reset Kodi

3. On the Kodi window, select the Uninstall option.

Uninstall - How to Reset Kodi

4. You need to click on Uninstall once again to confirm your action.

Select Uninstall - How to Reset Kodi

5. With this, Kodi will get removed from your device, and you can reinstall Kodi on Firestick.

Steps to Backup Kodi using Ares Wizard

After resetting Kodi, you shall backup the data using the Ares Wizard. As all the addons get removed after the reset, you shall install Ares Wizard on Kodi.

1. Launch the Kodi app and open Ares Wizard on your device.

2. On its home screen, click on the Select Backup File button under the Restore option.

Select Backup File

3. Choose the Restore menu in the Ares Wizard settings on the left panel.

Restore - How to Reset Kodi

4. Select the Backup file option on the right pane.

Backup file - How to Reset Kodi

5. Click on Root filesystem and navigate to the location where you have backed up Kodi. i.e., Root filesystem > sdcard > backups > Kodi.

Choose the File - How to Reset Kodi

6. Select the backup file to restore and tap on the OK button.

Click OK - How to Reset Kodi

7. On the following screen, click Refresh under Restore.

Refresh button - How to Reset Kodi

8. Navigate to the bottom and tap on the Restore Backup button.

Restore Backup - How to Reset Kodi

9. On the Options window, choose the desired option to retain any settings and click Proceed.

Proceed - How to Reset Kodi

10. If you get the Restored Completed message, click OK.

Restore completed - Ok

11. Select OK to restore guisettings.xml file to apply properly by force closing Kodi.

Tap OK - How to Reset Kodi

12. When you navigate back to the Kodi home screen, you will find the restored version of your addons.

Note: There may be few addons or builds missing, and you need to install them back on your device.

That was all about resetting Kodi app on any device. We hope the guidelines given in this section are useful to you. Leave us a comment if you have any queries that we should address with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kodi reset recommended?

Yes. Resetting Kodi is all the recommended as it will fix performance issues, buffering, etc.

Why do I not find few addons after Kodi reset?

Sometime, the reset will not recover all of the addons. In that case, you should reinstall the addons.

Does Kodi reset free up device space?

Yes. Resetting any app including Kodi will free up your device space.

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