Roku Channel on Firestick: How to Install & Watch

Good news, if you have waited a long time for the arrival of Roku on Firestick. While Firestick is no less than a Roku and vice versa, the two companies were not so friendly to each other. While there exist few disputes, both the companies have finally agreed to let users of Fire TV access The Roku Channel app. The availability of a dedicated version of The Roku Channel app on Firestick is a great relief for those entertainment freaks out there. While it is accessible on Android and iOS devices, this section deals with Roku on Firestick entirely.

What is Roku Channel App?

The Roku Channel is a free and standalone TV service by Roku launched back in 2017. It aims to deliver its users with free and quality entertainment content. The users can access 100+ live TV channels that bring in a wide range of content. It includes news, sports, reality TV, sci-fi, true crime, pop culture, etc. Roku Channel app keeps adding new and featured titles every now and then. Besides this, you can even search for your favorite titles to watch it anytime.

You can access more than 100000 ad-supported free movies and TV episodes within the app. Get personalized movie and TV shows recommendations over time. Its interface is designed to be family and kids friendly with manually curated content. With parental controls, you can customize the viewing experience of your family.

How to Install Roku on Firestick

The Roku Channel is available officially on the Amazon App Store. The installation guidelines of the same ar discussed here in this section.

1. Power on your Firestick and connect it to your home WiFi network.

2. On its home screen, use the directional pad to select the Search icon from the uppermost left corner.

Click Search icon

3. When Fire TV shows an on-screen keyboard, type as The Roku Channel. Further, select the same from the suggestions.

4. Under Apps & Games on the next screen, select The Roku Channel icon.

5. When the app info screen loads up, hover to click on the Download option.

6. Allow the app to complete its download and installation process.

7. If you get Open button in place of Download, then select it by pressing the Home key on the Fire TV remote.

Shortest Approach to Get Roku on Firestick

If the above procedure seems to be time-consuming, then we have got you the simplest way to get The Roku Channel on FireTV. For that, all you need is your Fire TV remote with Alexa support.

1. Carry your Alexa supported Fire remote and press the microphone button.

2. Just say, “Alexa, find The Roku Channel app” and wait for it to respond.

3. It will bring the search result instantly and you can select the app tile using remote keys to further select on the Download button.

4. Otherwise, use the following commands to get it on Fire TV.

  • Alexa, open Amazon App Store
  • Find The Roku Channel
  • Download The Roku Channel
  • Open The Roku Channel

Alternative Way!

If you face any difficulty in getting The Roku Channel app on Fire TV using the above procedure, then you shall try getting it with Silk Browser.

Note: The Silk browser will be pre-installed on any Amazon firestick. If not download and install Silk Browser on your Firestick from the Amazon App Store.

1. To launch Silk Browser, press the Home button on the Firestick initially.

2. Select Apps on the following screen to choose Manage Installed Applications.

3. Click on Silk Browser tile and choose Launch application option.

Note: Skip the above steps if you have access to Silk Browser on the Firestick home screen.

4. If the Silk Browser opens up, you will get the following screen. Type the following URL to access Roku Channel as a browser version.

The Roku Channel URL:

Type the URL

5. Press GO and wait for the link to load up on Fire TV to open the same on Silk Browser.

6. With this, you shall start streaming contents from the Roku Channel app on Fire TV.

Why Use VPN on Firestick?

The finest option to hide your online identity while on Firestick is to use a VPN connectivity. With this, you can surf and stream contents anonymously without leaving a trace. VPN will limit government as well as ISP surveillance. So, you will not get the chance to deal with copyright infringement issues. You can stream the geo-limited apps, websites, and more other contents with no limitations.

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Guidelines to Use Roku on Firestick

If you have finished with the installation of a dedicated version of the Roku Channel app, then here is how to use it.

1. Go to Your Apps & Channels on the second row of Firestick home screen.

2. Select The Roku Channel App and press the Menu button on the remote.

3. Click on the Move option on the screen to drag and drop it any where on the first two rows.

4. Choose The Roku Channel app to launch it on the Firestick.

5. You shall choose login to Roku account to stream premium contents.

  • Optionally, watch the free contents on-the-go without needing to sign up.
Roku on Firestick

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Roku account to use Roku Channel App?

You don’t require a Roku account to stream free content from the Roku Channel app. However, you can use your existing Roku account if you have subscribed to premium content.

Can I signup for premium channels from Roku Channel app on Firestick?

No. you cannot sign up for premium channels while using Roku Channel app on Fire TV. You need to visit the official website of Roku to get a subscription.

Can I get access to Roku Channel on Firestick using Bookmarker app?

Yes. You shall download the Roku Channel app to use on Fire TV with the help of the Bookmarker app. Make sure you log in to your Roku account to use premium purchases if any.

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