How to Install Joker Kodi Builds on Krypton & Leia

Kodi is an excellent home theatre to stream anything from movies, TV shows to music, podcasts, sports, and more. It is built by a community of developers, fans and is unlike other streaming services. Kodi keeps modified or upgraded by coders and developers from around the world. You will get a customized experience if you choose the right Kodi or build. The Joker Kodi Builds is one such option that has lots of popular addons. Thus, you will get endless hours of content for streaming at any time. For more details about Joker Builds and its installation guide, you shall proceed with the section below.

Joker Kodi Builds

Joker is not just new but is one best Kodi builds. It features links to stream movies, sports, music, documentaries, etc. There are many popular Kodi addons, and you can stream your favorites instantly. Joker Builds is lightweight and works on low spec or low RAM devices. Thus you can install it on Firestick, Android TV, etc. It enhances your streaming experience as it features lots of content and categories. The user-interface is well-structured, easy to use, and works smoothly. You can transform the look and feel of Kodi with the skins and themes.

Note: Besides Firestick, Joker Builds works on Android TV, Android Boxes, Windows PC, Mac PC, Linux, Android phones & tablets, and iOS devices.

Installation Guidelines of Joker Kodi Builds

We have split the installation of Joker Builds on Kodi Krypton & Leia, and the section below deals with the same in detail.

Configure Kodi

Joker Builds is not a part of the official Kodi Repo, and thus the below changes are mandatory.

1. On your Kodi-compatible device, launch the app.

2. You should select Settings (Gear) on the home screen.

Kodi Settings

3. Choose System on the Settings window.


4. On the left pane, click Add-ons. Tap the slider of Unknown Sources to turn it On.

Turn On Unknown Sources

5. To proceed with installing addons and builds on Kodi, press Yes.


Steps to Add Fracture Repo on Kodi

Joker Builds is available on Fracture Repo, and you should add the URL of the repo.

1. Go to the Kodi app and select the Settings icon from its home.

2. Navigate to click on the File Manager tile.

File manager

3. On the following screen, select Add Source from either side.

Add Source

4. Select the <None> option on the Add file source dialog box.


5. Enter the URL of the Facture repo as Click OK.

Enter URL

6. Provide the source name as fracturedrepo, and press OK.

Source name

Steps to Install Fracture Repo and Joker Builds on Kodi

The steps below will let you install the Fracture Repo and then the installation of Joker Kodi Builds on Leia and Krypton

1. On the home screen of Kodi, select Settings and choose Add-ons.


2. Go ahead to click on the Install from zip file option.

Install from zip file

3. Select the source name you have provided on the dialog box that appears. i.e., fracturedrepo.

Choose Source name

4. You should now click on the repository associated with the fracturedrepo and press OK.

Zip file

5. When the repo gets installed, you will find the Fracture Repo add-on installed message at the top-right.

Fracture repo installed

6. Now, make a click on the Install from repository option.

Install from Repo

7. Select Fracture Repo under All repositories.

Fracture Repo

8. Choose the Program Add-ons option.

Program addons

9. Click on the Joker Wizard to open it.

Jocker Wizard

10. On the following window, select the Install button.

Install - Joker Kodi Builds

11. The installation of the build will take a minute. Wait for the Joker Wizard addon installed message.

Joker Wizard installed

12. Select the Dismiss button or press the back button.

Dismiss - Joker Kodi Builds

13. If you get a pop-up that prompts you to proceed with the selected settings, press Continue.

Continue - Joker Kodi Builds

14. Now, press the back button if you see a pop-up.

Back Button - Joker Kodi Builds

Why Use VPN on Kodi

Kodi is legal to use if you aren’t streaming any illegal content. It has lots of addons and builds from third-party repositories. As a result, you will end up streaming titles from illegal sources. To stay away from legal issues, you shall prefer using the best VPN for Kodi. Whether you happen to stream them accidentally or intentionally, a VPN will safeguard you. It ensures you stay safe and secure when your device is connected to the internet. Going a step ahead, you shall unblock the location-specific content, buffering issues, and more.

Guidelines to Use Joker Kodi Builds

If you have done with the installation process of Joker Builds, you shall get to know about using it.

1. On your Kodi home, select Add-ons from the left panel.

2. Choose Program add-ons and click on the Joker Wizard tile.

Joker Wizard

3. When the build opens up, you will find its interface with few options.

  • Builds
  • Maintenance
  • Backup/Restore
  • Tools
  • Installation
  • Close

4. Clicking on Builds will show you the available Kodi builds. You shall click on any build to install it. For instance, Bio-Hazard.

Builds - Joker Kodi Builds

5. Choose Fresh Install to erase the existing data on Kodi and install it fresh.

Note: Clicking on Install displayed issues, and it is better to choose Fresh Install.

Fresh Install - Joker Kodi Builds

6. When you get a prompt that asks you to erase the data, select Yes.

Yes - Joker Kodi Builds

7. Now, Joker Builds will begin its download, and it completes in some time.

Downloading - Joker Kodi Builds

8. After the download, it will start installing.

Installing - Joker Kodi Builds

9. On the prompt, click OK to force close Kodi.

Ok - Joker Kodi Builds

10. When it is done, you will be able to use Joker Builds on Kodi.

Bio-Hazard Joker Kodi Builds – Overview

As this section guided you with the Bio-Hazard Joker build, you will find its details. You will find other builds to be similar, with slight variations in the interface. When you run the Bio-Hazard build, it will start updating if you have opened it for the first time.

1. The build is lightweight and holds minimal options. Hence it works great on moderate specs devices. The available menu options include

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Live TV
  • Music
Movies - Joker Kodi Builds

2. Choosing any menu will open the following sub-menu.

  • Most Popular
  • Reviews and Trailers
  • Genres
  • Year
  • Search

3. The utility options include

  • My Apps
  • Search
  • Favs
  • System

4. To access its pre-installed addon, select System in the main menu >> Add-on Browser >> My Add-ons >> Video Add-ons. The popular add-ons include

Addons - Joker Kodi Builds

That was all about installing and using Joker Kodi Builds. It is one of the most refreshing builds if you want to switch over from the oldest builds. You can drop us a comment below in case of any queries.

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