How to Install Instagram on Firestick / Fire TV [2021]

Home entertainment is all about comfort and convenience. Ever since the emerge of cord-cutters, Amazon Fire Stick is the most preferred choice. It has lots of built-in features, and it can function out of the box when used properly. You can stream almost anything from the official channels listed on Amazon App Store or from third-party providers. So, Firestick guarantees you hours of streaming content from movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, news, PPV, and lots more. While few of the social chat apps are made compatible with Fire TV, Instagram isn’t one. That doesn’t mean you cannot install Instagram on Firestick. Until the official launch, you shall proceed with the guidelines given below.

What is Instagram?

Instagram deal with photo and video sharing. It is the #1 social networking app with which you can connect with friends and share your moments. With Instagram, you get close to people and things you love. It is a great tool to explore our community and share everything, including life’s highlights. Instagram lets you upload a story that self-deletes after 24 hours. It supports messaging, video calling, reels, post photos, and videos, etc. You can check out IGTV videos or get inspired by others in the Explore section. It is the best place to find small businessess, brands, products, etc.

Note: Instagram is accessible from Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Mac PC, etc.

Installation Guidelines of Instagram on Firestick

The below steps will help you with the download and installation of Instagram on Fire TV with ease.

Important: Instagram isn’t Fire TV compatible, and you may find navigation issues. In that case, you shall get Mouse Toggle on Firestick.

Configure Firestick

As mentioned, Instagram isn’t official for Fire TV users. Hence, you should make the below alterations on your device.

1. Navigate on the Fire TV home and select the Cog icon.

Firestick Settings

2. Using the remote keys, choose My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

3. Now, choose the Developer options.

Developer options

4. On the following screen, select Install Unknown Apps.

Install from Unknown Sources

5. Choose Downloader if you have installed it.

Turn On

Steps to Sideload Instagram on Firestick using Downloader

In the below section, we have used Downloader on Firestick to get the Instagram apk file.

1. On the Fire TV home, choose the Find menu and click Search.

Find - Instagram on Firestick

2. Using the on-screen keys, type the app name as Downloader.

Search for Downloader - Instagram on Firestick

3. On the search result, look for Downloader and click on the tile.

Select Downloader - Instagram on Firestick

4. If you get the channel info screen, select Get to download it.

5. After the installation, choose Open to launch it.

6. Click on the URL field under the Home tab and type the source of the Instagram apk app.

Downloader home - Instagram on Firestick

7. Choose the Install button on the installation window.

8. After App installed message appears, select Open.

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Why Use VPN on Firestick?

Any device, including Firestick, requires a VPN connection. With this, the users can take advantage of the internet to the fullest extent. A VPN hides your real IP with a virtual ID. It will encrypt your traffic and does not allow anyone to track your online activity. The best VPN for Firestick will let you access the geo-restricted content and unlock the ISP throttling.

Guidelines to Use Instagram on Firestick

After installing Instagram on Fire TV, the below instructions are all you need to follow to use it.

1. Start from the home screen of Fire TV by selecting the Applications tile.

2. Hover to the bottom-most portion and highlight the Instagram tile.

3. Press the Play/Pause button to select Options.

4. Now, choose the Move to Front option using the remote.

5. Get back to Fire TV home to select and launch Instagram.

6. Provide the login details to use the Instagram app on your device.

That’s was all about installing and using Instagram on Fire TV. With this, you can let enjoy communicating with the world of people. For any suggestions, feedback, or queries, leave a comment below.

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