How to Install and Use Facebook on Firestick/Fire TV

Amazon Firestick is a streaming device that allows you to stream different media contents such as movies, TV shows, music, news, documentaries, and more. In addition, you can also install apps and even play games on Firestick. It converts your TV to a Smart TV and it is built on the Android platform. Further, it is an HDMI stick, so you can just connect it to your TV HDMI port to stream the media contents. The device comes with lots of pre-installed apps, further if you want to add apps you can install them from Amazon App Store. In case if you don’t find the app on the Amazon App Store, you can sideload apps on Firestick using Downloader. Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms which is available on Firestick. Now, let us discuss in detail how to install and use Facebook on Firestick.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the biggest social medial platforms which makes the world more open and connected. It makes you connect with your friends and family members online. On this app, you can make more friends and create your own friends list. On Facebook, you can share your feelings, thoughts, talents through posts, videos, and photos. And nowadays you can even start your own business and earn money on Facebook. Further, you can play games with your friends and order food. Facebook is the best marketing place to market your companies through posts and videos. And you can follow your favorite person on Facebook. You also get notifications when someone likes and shares your posts.

Also, Facebook has a dedicated app called Facebook Watch for Firestick and many other devices to watch videos on Facebook on your TV.

Installation Guide of Facebook on Firestick

Facebook is an official app available on Amazon App Store so you can get it to ease on your Firestick device. Look at the steps below to install Facebook on Firestick.

[1] First, connect your Firestick to your TV HDMI port and connect it to the Wifi network.

[2] On your Firestick home screen click on the Find menu and select the Search option.

Click on Find menu to install and use Facebook on Firestick

[3] Then, search for the Facebook app using the on-screen keyboard.

search for Facebook to install and use it on Firestick

[4] Pick the Facebook app from the search results.

Get Facebook Watch

[5] Click on Get to download Facebook on Firestick.

[6] Once installed click on Open to launch the app.

Open Facebook Watch on Firestick

Guidelines to Sideload Facebook on Firestick

In case if you face problems while installing the official app, you can always sideload Facebook using Downloader.

Configure Firestick

Since we are going to install the Facebook apk file, you have to enable the unknown source access on your Firestick. Before that install Downloader on your Firestick.

[1] Click on Settings on your Firestick home screen.

click on Settings to install and use Facebook on Firestick

[2] Under settings click on My Fire TV option.

select My Fire TV on the next screen

[3] On the next screen click on Developer options.

proceed with Developer options

[4] Proceed with Install unknown apps.

click on install unknown apps

[5] Then, select the Downloader app and turn on the unknown source access.

enable to unknown source access for the Downloader app

[6] Now, launch the Downloader on your Firestick device.

[7] Hit the Home tap from the left side.

[8] In the URL field, enter the download link of the Facebook apk and click on the Go button.

enter the download link to install and use Facebook on Firestick

[9] On the next screen, click on Install to install the apk file on your Firestick.

[10] Once the app is installed click on Open to launch the app or click on Done to proceed.

[11] On the Download pop-up, click on Delete to remove the downloaded apk file from the device. This will help you to free up space on your Firestick device.

[12] Click Delete once again for confirmation.

Why Use VPN on Firestick

Using VPN you can surf the internet with no worries. Because VPN protects your internet connection and privacy. It hides your IP address with the virtual IP address, so no one can track you even ISP and government. With the VPN on Firestick, you can also access the geo-restricted contents without any problems.

Guidelines to Use Facebook on Firestick

1. Press and hold the Home button on your Firestick remote to choose Applications.

2. Select Manage Installed Applications to select a Facebook application.

3. Now, hit the Play/Pause button to select Options.

4. Proceed with the Move to Front option to launch it from the Firestick home screen.

5. Now, you will receive an Activation Code on your TV screen.

6. Visit the Facebook website on PC and enter the Activation code.

enter the activation code to activate and use Facebook on Firestick

7. Click on Continue to activate the Facebook profile on Firestick.

8. Now, you can use Facebook on your Firestick device.

That’s all about installing Facebook on Firestick. Facebook is totally free to download and use. Hope we have given you a clear explanation to install and use Facebook on Firestick. If you have any queries, you shall drop a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Facebook available on Amazon App Store?

Yes, you can install Facebook from Amazon App Store.

Can I stream Facebook to my TV?

Click here for the list of devices on which you can enjoy Facebook on TV.

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