Kodi is an excellent media player to get home entertainment. It can run on any device from your Android to PC and anything in between. With the 10-foot user interface, it works effortlessly with the TV and remote controls. It is an essential software to access all your media content under one roof. To get the most of Kodi, you need to rely on its addons. Going further, you can use Kodi builds as it comes feature-packed with lots of addons pre-installed. In this article, we will cover information related to Blue Magic Kodi Build. You can get into the section to know more about it.

What is Blue Magic Build?

Blue Magic build is most preferred for its built-in addons support. You will find Yoda, DeathStar, cCloud TV, The Magic Dragon, Seren, etc. It is known for the attractive Skins. The Blue Magic Build’s file size is small, and it works smoothly without bringing you any issues. Its size and compatibility made it feature on the list of best Kodi builds. It has a sleek interface with lots of categories. So, you will not miss anything from sports, movies, TV shows, etc. Blue Magic works on all Kodi-supported devices including Firestick, Android TV, Android Boxes, Mac, Windows, Android phone, etc.

Note: Blue Magic isn’t available at the moment. So, you can try one of the best Kodi builds for your streaming needs.

Guidelines to Install Blue Magic Kodi Build

The steps involved with the installation of the Blue Magic Build are as follows.

Configure Kodi

You need to make the following changes on the Kodi Settings before you install Blue Magic build.

1. Launch the Kodi app on your device. Choose Settings.

Select Settings

2. Select System on the System screen.


3. On the left pane, click on Add-ons. Choose the slider next to the Unknown Sources to enable it.

Enable Unknown Sources option

4. If you get the warning pop-up, select Yes.

Choose Yes

Steps to Add Repo Source of Blue Magic Build

You should add the repo source of Blue Magic Build once done with the above changes.

1. On your Kodi home, choose Settings or the Gear icon.

2. Select the File Manager tile on the system window.

File Manager

3. Hover to click on the Add source option.

Add Source

4. On the Add file source dialog box, choose None.

Choose None

5. Enter the URL of using the on-screen keyboard as http://luxurywizard.space/luxury. Press OK.

Enter URL

6. Provide the source name as luxury and press OK.

Provide Source Name

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Steps to Install Luxury Wizard on Kodi

After adding the Luxury Wizard source URL, you need to install it on Kodi.

1. Get back to the System window of Kodi and select Add-ons.

Addons - Blue Magic Kodi Build

2. Use the down arrow on the remote to click on Install from the zip file.

Install from Zip file option

3. Choose the source name you have entered. i.e., luxury.

Luxury zip file

4. On the dialog box, select the Luxury Wizard’s zip file with the latest version to download it.

Luxury zip file - Blue Magic Kodi Build

5. Once after the installation, you will see the Luxury Repository addon installed message.

Luxury Wizard installed - Blue Magic Kodi Build

Steps to Install Blue Magic Kodi Build using Luxury Wizard

Follow the steps carefully to install the Blue Magic build on your Kodi-compatible devices.

1. Get back to the Addon settings menu of Kodi.


2. Choose Install from Repository.

Install from Zip file option

3. Select Luxury Repository among the list of available repositories.

Luxury Repository

4. Click on the Program addons option on the next screen.

Program addons

5. Go ahead to choose Luxury Wizard.

Luxury Wizard

6. On the Luxury Wizard installation window, click Install.

Install button - Blue Magic Kodi Build

7. In some time, you will get Luxury Wizard Addon installed notification.

Luxury Wizard installed

8. Select Dismiss on the window that appears.

Dimiss - Blue Magic Kodi Build

9. Choose Continue after selecting required settings.

Continue - Blue Magic Kodi Build

10. Click Build Menu on the pop-up.

BUild Menu - Blue Magic Kodi Build

11. Under the Leia Builds section, choose Blue Magic.

Leia Build - Blue Magic Kodi Build

12. Select Standard Install or Fresh Install.

Fresh or Standard Install - Blue Magic Kodi Build

13. On the pop-up, click Yes, Install.

Yes Install - Blue Magic Kodi Build

14. You will get a status bar showing the download percent of the Blue Magic build.

Download - Blue Magic Kodi Build

15. Choose Force Close to restart Kodi.

Force close - Blue Magic Kodi Build

Why Use VPN on Kodi?

Although Kodi is legal to use, its users are recommended to use a VPN. It will prevent others from stalking your online activity. Not even the government or ISP can track what you surf or stream on the internet. You can take advantage of accessing the location-specific content if your device is connected to the VPN. Further, you won’t be dealing with buffering or loading issues.

Blue Magic Kodi Build – Overview

The build comes with lots of addons pre-installed. So, you can stream HD movies, shows, sports, and more. The interface of the build looks unique and exciting. It supports switching back to the Leia interface without any hassle. To set up skins, you should select Settings and choose Interface and click on Skin. Tap on the Skin option on the right panel. On the pop-up, select Estuary, and your Kodi interface changes.

Blue Magic Kodi Build

That was all about installing and using Blue Magin Build on Kodi. We hope this section was useful and informative to you. Reach us through the comment section if you have any queries.