How to Install Duffman Kodi Build on Firestick / Android Devices

Kodi is an excellent media center application that can be accessed for a variety of streaming needs. By default, it doesn’t host any video streams. Users need to manually install addons or builds to watch movies, TV shows, music, etc. Those who are relatively new to Kodi will find Kodi builds useful. With the builds, users can install and access popular addons. i.e., you need not install every other addon manually. In the Kodi builds lineup, we are about to deal with Duffman Kodi Build and its installation technique.

What is Duffman Kodi Build?

Duffman is one of the best working Kodi Builds. It is available on Stream Digital repository with tons of addons built-in. Duffman is an extensive build with different categories. It includes movies, TV shows, music, sports, kids, SD Wizard, System, etc. You can even use the Duffman Build to watch live TV. The addons available include The Crew, Numbers, Rising Tides, Marauder, Joker, Chain Reaction, etc.

Guidelines to Install Duffman Kodi Build

The installation guidelines of Duffman Build involve the following steps. You can follow the same steps on your Firestick, Android TV, iOS, Android phone, Windows PC, Mac PC, etc.

Configure Kodi

To access any unofficial Kodi builds, you should enable Unknown Sources. It will be turned off by default.

1. Open Kodi app on your device.

2. Choose the Settings or cog icon.


3. Select the System tile.


4. Highlight Add-ons and turn on the Unknown Sources slider.

Unknown Sources

5. On the warning prompt, click Yes to proceed.

Click Yes

Steps to Add Stream Digital Repo Source to Kodi

After enabling unknown sources on Kodi, you shall proceed with adding the repo source of Duffman Build.

1. Navigate back to the Kodi’s System window.

2. Click on the File Manager tile to proceed further.

File Manager

3. Tap on the Add source option either on the left or right side.

Add Source

4. Select <None> on the Add file source dialog box.

Choose None option

5. Hover over the screen keys to type the URL of Stream Digital repo as and press OK.

Enter URL - Duffman Kodi Build

6. Provide the source name as wiz and click on the OK button.

Source Name - Duffman Kodi Build

Steps to Install Duffman Build on Kodi

The final portion of this article involves the installation of Duffman Build on Kodi using Stream Digital Wizard

1. Press the back button on the remote or keyboard to navigate to the System screen.

2. Using the navigational keys, choose Add-ons.


3. Select the option Install from zip file menu.

Install from zip file

4. Find and click on the source name as you have provided. i.e., wiz.

Wiz - Duffman Kodi Build

5. Tap on the latest version of the zip file related to the wiz and click OK.

Zip file of Wiz - Duffman Kodi Build

6. Allow the Stream Digital Addon installed message to appear on the screen.

Stream Digital Installed

7. If you get the Add-ons window, select Dismiss to proceed.

Dismiss - Duffman Kodi Build

8. On the following screen, choose the necessary settings and choose Continue.

Continue - Duffman Kodi Build

9. Click on Ignore if you get a prompt notifying you about no build installed from Stream Digital.

Ignore - Duffman Kodi Build

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Why Use VPN with Kodi?

By default, your activity will be monitored by ISPs whenever you are connected to the internet. To hide your online presence, you shall make use of the VPN service. If you rely on Kodi for entertainment, then VPN will help you unblock the geo-restrictions. With this, you can access any content from anywhere without any limits. You will not get involved with buffering and copyright infringement issues when your device has a VPN connection.

Guidelines to Use Duffman Build on Kodi

Here go the steps that you could follow to navigate on Duffman Build.

1. Start from the Kodi app’s main screen by selecting Add-ons.

2. Go ahead to choose Program add-ons and click on the Stream Digital tile on the right side.

Program addons - Duffman Kodi Build

3. On the next window, select Stream Digital.

Stream Digital - Duffman Kodi Build

4. Click on Builds on the interface of Stream Digital Wizard.

BUilds - Duffman Kodi Build

5. Navigate under Leia Builds to choose the [18.6] Duffman Reloaded.

Duffman Reloaded - Duffman Kodi Build

6. Select Fresh Install. Optionally, you can select Standard Install.

Fresh Install - Duffman Kodi Build

7. Click Continue to restore your Kodi configuration to default settings.

Select Continue - Duffman Kodi Build

8. Allow the build to complete its downloading procedure.

Download Progress - Duffman Kodi Build

9. Tap on the Force Close button on the Stream Digital pop-up.

Force Close - Duffman Kodi Build

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10. Launch Duffman Build after reopening Kodi.

Relaunch Kodi - Duffman Kodi Build

11. With this, Duffman Build will begin to launch on your Kodi device with its home screen.

Home Screen

That’s all about installing and using Duffman Kodi build. You can start streaming your favorite content on any Kodi-installed devices for unlimited entertainment. Leave your queries or feedback in the comments section.

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