8 Best Browser for Firestick / Fire TV You Must Know

The Amazon Fire TV stick sold by Amazon is one of the top choices among the media streaming players. With a Firestick, you can watch TV shows and movies from many popular streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. It gives you the best entertainment at an affordable price. You can also watch sports and live TV or listen to music with many music apps like Pandora, Spotify, and much more. Firestick has never failed to work out-of-box. i.e., you will find some unique features like parental controls, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, gaming apps, etc. Besides streaming, you can use your Fire TV to browse the web. A handful of browser options are available for Firestick to surf the internet to the fullest. From this guide, you will learn about the Best Browser for Firestick.

Best Browser for Firestick

You shall choose to use any best browser on Fire TV from the list of options given below to experience web surfing on the TV.

Silk Browser

Silk browser is one of the most popular browsers used by Fire TV users. While using the Silk Browser on Firestick, users can customize their home screen with the help of the Fire TV remote. The browser is active in almost 100 countries. It is different from all web browsers mainly because it operates on what Amazon calls Split Browser Architecture which allows the browser to run faster than any other browser. Further, you will get all the basic features like remember password, cookies & caches, auto-fill information, etc.

silk browser- Best Browser for Firestick


  • Silk browser is compatible with the first and second generation of Fire Sticks.
  • The browser is user-friendly. You can control web videos and music using the remote.
  • The browser can save your password and save time during future log-ins.

Firefox for Fire TV

Another best Firestick browser is Firefox for Fire TV. It is a product of Mozilla, and the browser is notable for its good features. It is one of the highly-rated browsers, and it is being used worldwide.

Firefox Best Browser for Firestick


  • It does a thorough search across the internet, and also consumers can easily watch its video.
  • The browser categorizes all the best videos you have watched and makes you view them on your home screen.
  • Every day it gives quality recommendations to the fire TV users about the latest and best content.
  • It also has a good history which saves frequently visited sites on its home screen.
  • It works fine with Flickr, YouTube, Pocket, and Rotten tomatoes.

Note: Unfortunately, Firefox is no longer supported on Firestick from April 30, 2021. So, you shall use the best alternative to Firefox on Amazon Devices or Amazon Silk Browser.


The browser is available on multiple platforms, including Firestick. The browser block ads out of the box and gives you an ad-free browsing experience. You can add pages to the home screen easily. With the Opera browser, you will get push notifications support. It also provides a private browsing mode, so your browsing history and cache will not be stored.



  • It has a sleek user interface.
  • It can block out ads efficiently.
  • A video compression feature is also available.
  • You can zoom on to any page easily.
  • It has a phishing filter, which helps the user detect unwanted website sites.

Aloha Browser

Aloha browser is the best browser for Firestick. The browser comes with an unlimited VPN, so your privacy is guaranteed. It was developed by Aroha mobile. Millions of users prefer this browser over the others for its clean and easy-to-use interface and also for its awesome feature. The browser supports different languages. You can also enable night mode if you want. Furthermore, it allows you to lock private tabs with a Touch ID or password to keep them private.

aloha browser


  • It does not allow any unwanted ads.
  • The browser can download both audio and video.
  • VPN is given for free to all users.
  • It also comes with a VR player.
  • It offers private and confidential web browsing to its users.

Puffin TV Browser

It is one of the fast-growing web browsers for Fire TV. Its UI is intuitive, subtle, and minimalist. The page loads faster without experiencing any glitches. The best part of using this browser is you can share the pages with any other device with the Puffin browser. Puffin mobile app has data saving mode. It offers no support for Linux. Instead, it uses a proprietary compression algorithm to reduce the amount of data needed to load web pages.

Puffin TV browser


  • It uses a fast and good JavaScript engine.
  • The browser also supports adobe flash.
  • It optimizes all video playback features.
  • Browser is free to all its users.

Glance Browser

The Glance Browser is the best browser for Fire TV. It is the same web engine that is behind Google Chrome. Glance browser offers great performance and simple to use interface. This browser is ad-free and has a search widget available in the notification drawer, which helps your search easier and quicker. The browser is one of the perfect alternatives to Amazon Silk Browser.



  • It has a search widget in the notification drawer.
  • The browser is built on a WebView engine, just like Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is one of the excellent browsers. It is a popular browser and is well known for its best features. When it comes to speed, it is fast and reliable while browsing. In addition, it is the only browser that allows you to manage your tabs on the side with a single click. It is one of the Best Browsers for Firestick.

microsoft edge


  • The browser is good in terms of privacy and has been incorporated with excellent tools which guarantee security while browsing.
  • It is so useful in history as it saves all the visited sites.
  • Customization window is so good and attracts one to its privacy and excellent service.


Downloader is one of the most popular applications among all Fire TV users. Most of us use Downloader on Firestick to sideload apps, especially third-party apps. But Downloader is also the best web browser. You can also use a downloader to search anything online rather than using it for downloading apps. The downloader is compact in size and also does not take much storage. However, it is not a full-fledged internet browser, and you can use it for a while and manage.



  • Downloader does not have built search engine.
  • It allows you to add pages to your favorites.
  • The Downloader has zoom in and zoom out options.

To Conclude

These are the best browser for Firestick. Most of these are available for free, so choose the right one that meets your needs. Each browser comes with a unique set of features and has a competitive advantage compared to others you would expect. Choosing the best browser requires a lot of time to analyze and identify the features. Hope we have helped you in selecting the best browser for Firestick. If you have any doubts, kindly let us know from the comment section below.

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