How to Listen to Apple Music on Firestick/Fire TV

Apple Music is a subscription-based streaming service that offers you more than 75 million songs and podcasts. With this app, you can get daily music recommendations from artists, tracks, playlists, radio, and more based on your listening history, genres, and moods. Apple Music also lets you listen to music offline. It is precisely designed for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. But as of now, Apple Music runs smoothly with most devices that include Amazon Firestick.

Features of Apple Music

  • Get over 90 million songs, music tracks, radio stations, etc on Apple Music.
  • Stream Apple Music without any ad interruption.
  • Customize your own playlist.
  • Play hand-crafted playlists for every occasion.

Apple Music Subscription

Apple Music offers three months free trial for new users. After the free trial, you can get Apple Music for $9.99 per month. If you want to get a family subscription, you can get it for $14.99, and this plan allows you to get 5 simultaneous streams.

Can you Get Apple Music on Firestick?

Yes, you can listen to Apple Music on Firestick in three ways.

  1. By linking up Apple Music with Alex and setting up Alexa with Firestick.
  2. Converting the Apple Music to the format which is compatible with Firestick.

How to Play Apple Music on Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

These are different ways with which you can listen to Apple Music from the comfort of your Firestick.

Steps to Link Apple Music with Alexa

1. First subscribe to Apple Music.

2. Install Apple Music and Amazon Alexa apps on your Smartphone.

3. Now, open the Amazon Alexa app and log in with the Amazon account that you have used on your Firestick.

4. Now, tap the Menu icon and select Settings.

click on Settings from the list

5. On the settings screen, choose Music under Alexa Preferences.

click on Music to listen

6. Then, select Link New Service.

click on Link New Service to link Alexa

7. Now, you will find all the available music services that select Apple Music.

click on Apple Music on the screen

8. Next, tap on Enable to use button.

click on Enable to use to listen Music

9. And Sign in with your Apple ID and Password.

login with your Apple ID

10. Then, click on Allow button.

click on Allow to Alexa to access Apple Music

11. On the next screen, click on Done, which tells Apple Music successfully linked.

click on Done once Alexa is successfully linked

12. Now go to Settings–> Music Settings and select Apple Music as the default music library and default station.

How to Use Apple Music on Firestick

Here are steps to connect Alexa with Firesick to play Apple Music.

1. Launch your Alexa app on your Smartphone.

2. Go to Settings and select the TV and Video option.

3. On the next screen, click on Fire TV or Firestick.

4. Next, select click on Link your Alexa device option.

5. Now, your Smartphone will search for the available Fire TV devices.

6. Select your Firestick device name and click on Continue.

7. In case you have more than one Alexa, select the particular Alexa device.

8. Then, tap on the Link Devices option.

9. Now, press and hold the mic button on the remote and command Alexa like Alexa to play traditional music from Apple Music.

10. Now, the music will be played on your Firestick, and you can use the commands like Play, Pause, Previous song, Next song, Stop the music, and more.

Alternative Way: How to Get Apple Music on Fire Stick TV

1. Download and Install the Sidify Music Converter app on your computer.

2. Launch the app the UI will resemble Apple Music.

3. Now, click on the Add button.

4. Now, you can find your entire iTunes library and select the songs that you want to convert.

5. Then, choose your desired output format.

6. Now, you can upload it to Amazon Music or to the Plex Media Server.

7. And now open the app and stream Apple Music on your Firestick device.

Best Alternatives

If you are bored with Apple Music, or if you fun the process of getting Apple Music app for Fire TV is tedious, then you can try other best alternatives for Apple Music like

By following the guidelines given above, you can listen to Apple Music on your Firestick device effortlessly. The added advantage of Apple Music is that it offers three months free trial without any commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is a music streaming app with over 90 million songs, music tracks, etc.

Is Apple Music on Firestick?

No, Apple Music is not available for Fire TV.

Can Alexa play Apple Music?

Yes, Alexa can play Apple Music.

Is Amazon Music better than Apple Music?

Amazon Music Unlimited is a decent service on its own, but when compared to Apple Music, its shortcomings become glaring. In terms of interface and apps, Apple Music is far easier than Amazon Music.

Is it worth having Apple Music?

There is no shortage of great options for streaming music on Apple Music. And it offers a larger selection of music than most of its competitors, with 75 million songs. So Apple Music is more than worth considering.

Does Firestick have Apple Music?

No, Fire Stick doesn’t support Apple Music, but you can use Alexa Skill to play Apple Music.

Why is Apple Music not working on Alexa?

If you can’t link Apple Music to Alexa, make sure to update the Amazon Alexa app and try again.

How to install Apple Music on Firestick?

As the Apple Music app is not available for Firestick, you can’t download the Apple Music app on Firestick.

Can you Screen Mirror Apple Music to Firestick using your Android Phone?

Yes, you can screen mirror Apple Music using an Android phone.

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