Amazon’s Firestick is most used for streaming purposes only. There are hundreds of streaming apps available on the Amazon App Store. You can take advantage of lots more activities with Firestick in hand. Fortunately, you can play a wide range of video games as well with Firestick. Despite its limited storage, it functions the best when you try playing games. You could find a decent number of gaming apps available officially. However, we are about to deal with RetroArch on Firestick here.

What is RetroArch?

RetroArch is an open-source emulation tool to feature built-in apps. It is termed as the one-stop shop for all the entertainment. With RetroArch, you can access classic games in the slick graphical interface. It features advanced features like rewinding, netplay, next-frame response times, etc. The app uses the Libretro, an interface that uses OpenGL, location and camera support, etc. RetroArch has a polished interface with a set-top box-oriented menu. With this app, you can download multiple programs, scan files, download games, etc.

Installation Guidelines of RetroArch on Firestick

RetroArch isn’t listed on Amazon App Store officially. Hence we guide you sideloading it on Firestick.

Configure Firestick

You should make the following changes on your Fire TV Settings. With this, you can sideload any third-party apk.

1. Navigate on the Fire TV home to choose Settings from the menu bar.

Fire TV Settings

2. Select My Fire TV or Device or System.

My Fire TV

3. Use the down arrow key to click on the Developer options.

Developer options - RetroArch on Firestick

4. If Apps from Unknown Sources is turned off, select it to turn On.

Apps from Unknown Sources

5. Firestick displays a warning message on the screen. Click Turn On to proceed.

Turn On - RetroArch on Firestick

Steps to Install (Sideload) RetroArch on Firestick

To get RetroArch apk on Fire TV, you can follow the steps given below. We have used Downloader on Firestick to sideload RetroArch.

1. Launch the Downloader from the home screen of Fire TV.

2. Click on the Allow button when the Downloader prompts you to access media.

3. The Downloader app will open up with the Home tab selected. Make a tap on the URL field.

Downloader home screen -  RetroArch on Firestick

4. On the search window, type the URL of RetroArch as and press OK.

5. The download progress completes once Downloader connects to the above server.

6. On the installation window, click Open to launch it. Select Done to remove the apk file of RetroArch.

7. Select Delete on the Download pop-up to remove the RetroArch apk file.

8. Press the Delete button once again to confirm the removing the apk.

Why Use VPN on Firestick?

Use the best VPN on Firestick to protect your online identity from the government, ISP, and trackers. Your real IP address and location will be hidden with a virtual ID. With this, you can take advantage of location-specific streams. VPN will protect you from copyright infringement issues if you happen to stream illegal streams. You will not face buffering issues with the VPN, as it unblocks the ISP throttling.

Guidelines to Use RetroArch on Firestick

Upon installing RetroArch on Fire TV, you shall access it. Here goes the steps.

1. Press and hold the Home key on the remote to select Apps.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and highlight RetroArch.

3. To select Options, press the Menu button on the Fire remote.

4. Choose Move to front, and it gets moved to the top rows. With this, you can instantly access the app from Fire TV home.

5. Select the RetroArch tile, and it will open on your TV screen.

6. You can start playing a game or access other features.

That’s all about RetroArch on Fire TV. We hope this article has helped you install and use it with ease. If you have any queries, leave a comment below.