CotoMovies Apk on Firestick: How to Download & Install

A very few best Android apps aren’t listed on Play Store. They are available as a third-party app and can be downloaded from external sources. CotoMovies Apk is one such streaming service with a large number of fans. It’s movies and TV shows collection is found to be expanding over time. With CotoMovies, anyone will get entertainment on-the-go. Since it is an Android apk file, this section will guide you with CotoMovies Apk on Firestick and other similar streaming devices like Android TV Boxes, smartphones, tablets, etc.

What is CotoMovies Apk?

CotoMovies is a movie watching app that offers content free of cost. It is a torrent site and it uploads contents regularly. Thus it has a big library and users can watch unlimited movies. CotoMovies doesn’t restrict you to streaming specific shows only. Rather the users can watch an unlimited number of pirated contents. All its contents are available in full HD, 720p, and 320p. It has a user-friendly interface and you can navigate on its screen with ease.

Update: CotoMovies is no longer available. It is better to look for the best CotoMovies alternatives that work just like CotoMovies.

Guidelines to Install CotoMovies Apk on Firestick

Follow the steps given below to sideload CotoMovies apk on your Amazon Fire TV.

Configure Firestick

It is important to enable Unknown Sources under settings just before installing a third-party app on Firestick. The steps involved are as follows.

1. While on the home screen of Fire TV, choose Settings on the menu bar of Firestick.

Select Settings

2. If the settings window appears with options, navigate to the right, and select My Fire TV. Else look for System or Device option.

Select My Fire TV

3. Select Developer options on the device window of Firestick.

Click Developer Options

4. Now, you should select Apps from Unknown Sources. Ensure it is turned On.

Turn on Unknown Sources

5. Confirm your settings changes by clicking on Turn On button.

Turn On

Procedure to Sideload CotoMovies Apk on Firestick

With the above configuration, Fire TV users can sideload CotoMovies on Firestick using Downloader. So, it is mandatory to keep the Downloader app installed prior.

1. From the home screen of Fire TV, select Settings and choose the Applications icon.

2. Tap on Manage Installed Applications to highlight Downloader.

3. Select Launch Application to open the Downloader app on Firestick.

4. On its home screen, navigate to click on the URL field.

Downloader app

5. When a new window opens up, type as, and press the GO button.

6. Now you should wait for the Downloader to connect with the server of CotoMovies to begin the download.

File Downloading Progress

7. After the download, select the Install button and wait for the installation to complete.

Install CotoMovies Apk

8. If you see App Installed notification screen, then click on Done.

  • Selecting Open will launch the apk in no time.
Launch CotoMovies Apk

9. On the Downloader screen, select the Delete button to remove the CotoMovies apk file.

Delete CotoMovies Apk

10. When prompted to confirm, click on Delete button once again.

Confirm Deleting CotoMovies Apk

Why Use a VPN with CotoMovies?

VPN is recommended if you want to stay away from those watching your online activity. It will keep your connection private, secure, and safe. Thus, no one including the government, ISP, or hackers can track your activity. With VPN, you shall stream any contents on CotoMovies and it will never bring in any legal problems.

Guidelines to Use CotoMovies on Firestick

Upon carrying out the steps given above, now you shall know how to use CotoMovies on Fire TV.

1. To launch CotoMovies, press the Home key on remote and click on Apps.

2. Then highlight CotoMovies and press the Menu button on remote.

3. Select Move option to make CotoMovies app accessible from the top row.

Select Move

4. If you run the app for the first time, it will show you Update prompt if available. Press OK to update it to the latest version.

Press OK to Update CotoMovies Apk

5. You will be taken to the home screen of CotoMovies in which you will find the following self explanatory menu.

  • Home
  • Search
  • Genres
  • Download
  • Bookmarks
  • History
  • Settings
  • Twitter

Here comes the end of the session. Hope you found it useful and helpful. Ask us your queries using the comment box and we shall clarify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CotoMovies supports offline watching?

Yes. CotoMovies work even when you have no internet. It supports watching all those downloaded contents in offline mode.

Is CotoMovies completely ad-free?

No. However you will find a minimum number of ad pop-ups with the CotoMovies app while streaming.

Does CotoMovies have any hidden cost?

No. It is completely free to download and use. You need not pay any hidden fee with CotoMovies.

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