How to Get Kodi Subtitles: 2 Easy Methods Explained

Kodi requires no special introduction as it is the most popular media center choice by millions. It is useful to access your local storage but is one of the best platforms to stream your favorite media from the internet. Kodi supports both audio and video tracks, and it works on most devices. As it supports a wide range of content, many users will look forward to stream titles with subtitles. In recent times, subtitles became a necessary part of any title. With the subtitles, you can take advantage of the content with lower volume, interpret languages, listen to accents, etc. You will find details about adding Kodi Subtitles here in this section.

Kodi Subtitle – An Overview

To use subtitles on Kodi, you need to rely on any subtitle services like the Opensubtitles. It is a popular service to support a wide range of languages. With this, you can stream movies and TV shows without a language barrier. For OpenSubtitles to work, you shall need to register for an account. You cannot use OpenSubtitles on Kodi without registration. To create an account, visit to click on the Register link. Upon following the screen instructions, you will end up creating a username and password.

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How to Get Kodi Subtitles using OpenSubtitles?

The following steps will let you access subtitles on Kodi using OpenSubtitles.

1. Initially, open the Kodi app and choose Add-ons from the left pane.


2. Select the Package Installer option from the top-most right corner.

Package Installer

3. Now, you need to select the Install from repository option.

Install from Repository

4. Navigate to click on the Kodi Add-on repository.

Kodi addon repository

5. Choose Subtitles on the following window.

Subtitles - Kodi Subtitles

6. Hover to click on the option.

7. Choose the Install button on the screen that appears.

Install - Kodi Subtitles

8. Wait until you see the add-on installed message to appear on the top-right. addon installed

9. Click and then tap on the Configure button.

Configure - Kodi Subtitles

10. If you get the Settings dialog box, select Username to enter the username. Similarly, click on the Password option to provide the password. Select OK.

Username and Password

How to Enable OpenSubtitles?

It is important to enable OpenSubtitles to let it run properly. Unless you enable it in the Settings, it will not work properly.

1. Go to the home screen of Kodi and choose Settings.

2. Select Player Settings or Player on Kodi Krypton or Leia.

Player Settings - Kodi Subtitles

3. Now, ensure you see the Standard option next to the gear icon and choose the Language option on the left pane.

Language - Kodi Subtitles

4. Choose Languages to download subtitles for under Download Services.

5. Go ahead and choose the Default TV show service.

TV Shows

6. On the Subtitles dialog box, select the Get more button.

Get More - Kodi Subtitles

7. Choose

Opensource org - Kodi Subtitles

8. Click on the Default movie service and select

Default movie service - Kodi Subtitles

9. Hover to tap on the Default movie service to choose

10. Once enabled, you can stream movies or TV shows of your choice.

How to Get Subtitles on Kodi without Registration?

If you want to stream titles on Kodi without registering for any Kodi subtitle service, you shall follow the steps given below. In this section, we have guided you with the Subscene subtitle service.

1. Start from the Kodi app’s home screen and select Settings.

2. Choose Player Settings or Player.

3. Click on the Language option on the left pane.

4. Under Download Services, highlight Languages to download subtitles for and choose any language.

Select English - Kodi Subtitles

5. Choose Default TV show service and click the Get more option.

6. Select on the Subtitles dialog box.

Select Subscene - Kodi Subtitles

7. Click on the Default movie service and choose

Default movie service - Kodi Subtitles

8. With this, will fetch you the subtitles for any titles on Kodi.

Why Need VPN on Kodi?

It is vital for you to use the best VPN on Kodi to stay away from those spying on your online activity. With a VPN, you will get increased security when connected to the internet. It will help you bypass government surveillance, ISP throttling, geo-restrictions, etc. Thus, you can stream or access the web to the fullest possible extent.

How to Enable Subtitles in Addon Settings

Some Kodi addons need enabling subtitles. The process needs to be carried out from the add-on settings. Almost all of the steps will be the same on any addons.

1. On your Kodi app, select Add-ons and choose Video add-ons.

2. Select the addon of your choice and choose the Tools option by scrolling down.

Tools - Kodi Subtitles

3. Choose SETTINGS: Subtitles option.

Settings Subtitles

4. Now, check if the Subtitles option in the left menu is selected. Tap the slider next to Enable Subtitles to turn it on.

Enable Subtitles

5. Select OK to save the changes.

That was all about getting Kodi Subtitles and using it with or without the registration. You can opt for any method to stream titles in any language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn off Kodi subtitles?

Yes. You can remove the subtitles on Kodi by uninstalling the OpenSubtitle addon. With this, the subtitle will get automatically removed.

Do Kodi subtitles work on all addons?

Yes. Kodi subtitles will work on all the add-ons, including the most popular ones like Exodus and Exodus Redux.

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