How to Fix Firestick Frozen / Struck Issue Efficiently

Amazon’s Fire Stick is a well-known media player that is simple to set up and use. It is a portable and lightweight device with which you can access your favorite movies and shows. Firestick, like most devices, will bring in issues, and the device getting frozen is the most common thing. It is a completely normal thing and can be fixed with the best workarounds. Firestick frozen issue might occur if you have any performance issues or buffering content. At times, it occurs due to the low storage capacity. When your device lags, freezes, or logo stuck on the screen, it’s time to fix it up. We have discussed the common cause for this frozen issue and the possible ways to resolve it in this section.

Firestick Frozen – Some Common Causes

Below given are the causes of the frozen issue on Firestick.

  • If you are using a slow-speed HDMI cable, you will likely experience a frozen Fire TV issue.
  • When you have installed too many apps, and your Fire TV runs out of RAM, the device slows down. As a result, it will freeze.
  • If your Firestick has any third-party accessories, it will result in a frozen issue on Fire TV.
  • When you have installed unwanted addons or builds, your Firestick will freeze.
  • Firestick will get stuck on the boot screen when the TV isn’t HDCP compliant.
  • If the device is overused, Firestick overheating issues occur and results in device freezing issues.
  • It will freeze when your internet connection is slow or due to ISP throttling.

How to Fix Amazon Firestick Frozen Issue

You could try out the below fixes one by one to get resolved of the Firestick frozen issue.

Unplug & Plug Firestick

When your Firestick freezes, you shall unplug it and plug it back. It will most often fix the issue. To do this, carry out the below steps.

1. Plug out the Firestick from your smart TV and wait for 30 seconds.

2. Connect the device back to the TV, and you can check if the issue has been resolved.

Unplug Firestick

Restart Firestick using Remote Controller

If your Fire TV stuck or freezes, you should restart the device. Carry out the below steps to restart the device.

1. On your Fire TV remote, press the Select button and the Play/Pause button together.

Restart Firestick

2. Hold the remote keys for about 5 to 10 seconds and wait for the device to turn off.

3. When it restarts, you shall start using the Firestick as usual.

Clear Cache & Remove Third-Party Apps

Sometimes, the third-party apps cause Firestick frozen issues. Those apps may hold glitches or bugs that result in performance issues. To resolve it, clear the cache or uninstall the third-party apps.

1. Launch Firestick Settings and choose Applications.

2. Select Manage Installed Applications.

3. Now, highlight the third-party app from the available options.

4. Choose the Clear Cache option and delete the cache of the specific app.

5. Select Uninstall to delete the app. If you get a prompt, select Uninstall.

To Clear Firestick’s Entire Cache Memory

1. Press the Home button of your Fire TV remote.

2. Choose Settings and select My Fire TV.

3. Click on the About option and choose Storage.

4. When the storage is low, you shall clear the cache memory.

Use Official Accessories

If you have a USB cable or adapter that isn’t by Amazon, you will see Firestick struck or frozen issue. Make sure to buy and use the original accessories.

Ensure your USB cable is connected properly and isn’t damaged. If you find it damaged, you shall replace it with the original USC cable.

Make use of the power cord or adapter that comes with your Fire TV. With this, your Firestick gets enough power.

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Some More Possible Fixes to Resolve Firestick Frozen Issue

In addition to the above fixes, you shall follow the below steps to resolve the Firestick frozen issue.

  • 1. You can try with and without the HDMI extender or the adapter.
  • 2. Allow your device to stay idle with the device turned on for 25 min or until the screen changes.
  • 3. Ensure your TV is HDCP compliant and try using a different TV.
  • 4. Check the internet connection is stable and has an active internet connection.
  • 5. You can try using a different TV and check if your Firestick is working fine.

We recommend trying the above fixes to check if your Fire TV freeze or struck issue gets resolved. For any queries or suggestions, you shall leave us a comment below.

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