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Crew Addon is a popular Kodi addon that lets you watch on-demand movies and series. It has a greater interface that helps to glide through the interface easily. With that, you will get high-quality links for streaming. It is one of the best Kodi add-ons with diverse content like IPTV, kids, sports, etc. In addition, Crew addon also supports Real-Debrid, so you can access high-quality links and buffer-free streaming. Crew addon is accessible with all Kodi-supported devices like Firestick, Android phones, iOS, smart TVs, Windows PC, Mac, etc.

How to Install Crew Addon on Kodi

Here is all you need to follow to install the Crew addon on Kodi-compatible devices.

Configure Kodi

The below steps are mandatory as Crew isn’t an official Kodi addon.

1. Launch the Kodi app on Firestick, and you must select the Gear icon to go to its settings.


2. Under the System window, choose System or System Settings.

System Settings

3. Click on the Add-ons option on the left menu.


4. Move to the right side and switch the slider of Unknown Sources to turn On.

Turn on Unknown Sources

5. Click on Yes to proceed with using third-party add-ons on Kodi.

Select Yes option

Steps to Add Repo Source of Crew Addon on Kodi

You need to add the Crew addon’s repo source URL, and the steps are as discussed.

1. Get back to the System screen of Kodi and choose File Manager.

File manager

2. Choose the Add Source option to proceed.

Add Source

3. You need to click on the <None> option on the Add file source dialog box.


4. Provide the source URL of the Crew addon as and press OK.

Enter Crew Repo Source URL

5. Now, enter the source name on the respective field as The Crew and click OK.

Media Source Name - Crew Kodi Addon

How to Download Crew Kodi Addon

You need to install the Crew addon’s repo source to proceed with installing the Crew addon.

1. Go to the Kodi app’s Settings menu to choose Add-ons.


2. Select Install from the zip file option.

Install from Zip file

3. Look for the source name you provided earlier and select it. i.e., the crew.

Source Name - Crew Kodi Addon

4. Click to open the latest version of the Crew addon’s zip file and press OK.

Crew zip file

5. Allow Kodi to install the Crew addon. Proceed further if you get The Crew addon installed message.

Crew Addon installed - Crew Kodi Addon

6. Choose the Install from repository option.

Install from repo - Crew Kodi Addon

7. Select The Crew from the list of available repositories.

The Crew

8. Click on the Video addons option and launch it.

Video addons - Crew Kodi Addon

9. Choose The Crew addon on the screen that appears.

The Crew option

10. Hover to tap on the Install button to download the addon.

Install Crew Kodi Addon

11. If you get a prompt that asks you to add additional addons, select OK.

OK - Crew Kodi Addon

12. Installation of the Crew addon will complete in a few minutes. You will get The Crew Addon installed message at the top-right.

Crew Addon Installed message

13. If you get the YouTube pop-up, select No if you don’t want to execute the setup wizard.

Select No - Crew Kodi Addon

Why Use VPN on Kodi?

Before you use Kodi addons or builds, you need to install a VPN on your device. It will give you the safest and most secure internet connection. With this, your identity will stay anonymous. The best VPN for Kodi will help bypass government surveillance, geo-restrictions, ISP throttling, etc. You will not get caught streaming copyright-protected content unknowingly.

How to Use the Crew Addon on Kodi

You can follow the steps below to use the Crew addon’s interface on any Kodi device.

1. Get back to Kodi’s main screen and select Addons.

2. Choose the Video addons option and click on The Crew.

Click Video addons - Crew Kodi Addon

3. With this, the main window will appear with the menu

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • IPTV
  • Fitness
  • 1 Click
  • Tools
  • Search and more
Crew Home Screen

4. Under the Tools menu, you can access the Trakt account, subtitles, etc.

Tools - Crew Kodi Addon

How to Integrate Real Debrid with Crew Kodi Addon

You can easily set up Real Debrid with Crew Addon to get more streaming links, but you should create a Real-Debrid account from its website.

1. Launch the Crew Kodi addon and go to the Tools section from the bottom of the page.

click tools from the list


tap resolveurl from the list

3. Under that, select Universal Resolvers and then pick (Re) Authorise My Account.

click Reauthorize the account

4. Now, you will get an authorization code on your display.

enter the activation code and click cancel

5. Go to the Real Debrid activation page at and enter the code.

Enter the activation code and click continue

6. Once you get an approved status, you can get premium torrent links.

get torrent links

Note: You can also activate for Crew Kodi Addon with similar steps.

Is Crew Kodi Addon Down?

No, Crew Kodi Addon is not down. But the clear report or graph of Crew Kodi Addon is unknown. If the server is down, you can wait until it starts working.

For testing, you must enter the Crew Kodi Addon URL link in the required field.

Crew Kodi Addon

Crew Addon Alternatives

If you cannot get Crew Addon or the server is unreachable, you can check out the best alternatives for Crew Kodi Addon.

Seren Addon on Kodi is a popular working addon that can be used to stream movies and TV shows. It offere a simple interface with support for Real Debrid, auto-play feature, etc.

Seren Kodi Addon

Rising Tides Addon is yet another Kodi Addon to stream major sports content live with an HD streaming quality. It also allows you to get highlights, sports news, etc., and new content is updated regularly.

Rising Tides Kodi Addon

Yoda Kodi Addon is a multipurpose addon with various content to stream in different categories like movies, TV shows, Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries.

Yoda Kodi Addon

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Crew addon safe and legal?

Addon is safe if you download it from a trusted source. Its legality depends on the content you stream. Watching illegitimate content will attract legal issues.

How to fix the buffering issues with the Crew addon?

To fix the buffering issues, you need to delete the temporary files of Kodi. You can use a VPN or clear the addon’s cache, check the internet connection, etc.

Can I stream The Crew addon on Firestick?

Yes. You can stream The Crew addon on Firestick. Follow the same steps as given in this section.

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