Kodi, an open-source Home theatre software, is all you need to stay entertained for hours. It is an award-winning software that manages your local media files. You can access Kodi on many different operating systems. With this, you can stream live TV, shows, series, sports, news, and lots more. It wouldn’t be so much use without the addons and builds. While we have discussed plenty of the best Kodi addons, this section is dedicated to Alvin. It is one of the best working addons in Kodi, with lots of features. You can check out this post for detailed information about Alvin Kodi Addon.

What is Alvin Addon?

If you prefer streaming on-demand titles, Alvin works for you. It is an Exodus V8 fork and features a decent collection of content. You could check for movies and TV shows to stay tuned with them for hours. The entire library of Alvin addon is regularly updated with new streams. Most of its scapers are of full HD quality, and you get a better streaming experience. Besides being a third-party addon, it does feature high-quality links. With Alvin addon, you get the support of torrent streaming.

Installation Guidelines of Alvin Kodi Addon

To access Alvin addon features on your Kodi device, you shall follow the section below.

Note: Kodi has a universal interface, and the Alvin addon’s installation is the same on all the devices. You can follow the steps on Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Boxes, Android phone, Linux, Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Configure Kodi

If you want to install any third-party addon like Alvin, the following changes need to be done on Kodi.

1. On the Kodi app’s home screen, click on the Gear or Cog icon.


2. Hover to choose System or System Settings.


3. On the left pane, highlight Add-ons. Tap the slider of Unknown Sources if it is disabled.

Unknown Sources

4. If you get a warning prompt, choose Yes.


Steps to Add Repo Source of Alvin Kodi Addon

The first step toward installing Alvin addon is to add its repo source URL on Kodi.

1. Start from Kodi’s home screen by selecting the Settings icon.

2. Navigate to click on the File Manager tile.

File manager Kodi

3. Choose the Add source option from the left or right pane.

Add Source

4. On the pop-up window, tap on the <None> option.


5. You shall need to provide the Octopus repo source URL as http://octopus246.esy.es/octopus/. Press OK.

Enter URL

6. Provide the source name on the respective text field as octopus and click OK.

Source name

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Steps to Install Alvin Addon using Octopus Repo

In this part, you will firstly deal with the installation of the Octopus repo on Kodi. With this, you will find the steps to install the Alvin Kodi addon.

1. Get back to the Kodi Settings section to choose Addons tile.


2. Select Install from the zip file using the down directional keys.

Install from zip file

3. Scroll down on the dialog box to click on the source name. i.e., octopus.

Octopus - Alvin on Kodi

4. On the following screen, choose the latest version of the zip file associated with the Octopus repo.

Zip file - Alvin on Kodi

5. Wait until you see the Octopus Repository Addon installed message appears on the top-right.

Octopus Repo installed - Alvin on Kodi

6. Then, click on the Install from repository option.

Install from repository

7. Under the available repositories, choose Octopus Repository.

Octopus Repository - Alvin on Kodi

8. To proceed further, click on Video addons.

Video addons

9. Scroll to choose Alvin.

Alvin on Kodi

10. Now, tap on the Install button to get it on Kodi.

Install - Alvin on Kodi

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11. If you get prompted to accept additional add installation, click OK.

Ok - Alvin on Kodi

12. In a minute or two, you will see the Alvin addon installed message.

Alvin addon installed

Why Use VPN on Kodi?

Kodi users should make use of the compatible VPN while streaming. It is recommended as a VPN protects you and your data from trackers. You can access the geo-specific contents without any limits. With the Kodi VPN, your streaming activity stays private. It will help you unblock the ISP throttling. You won’t have to deal with copyright laws for unintentionally streaming illegal streams.

Guidelines to Use Alvin Addon on Kodi

The section below covers the steps to use the Alvin addon on your Kodi-compatible device.

1. To launch Alvin, click on the Addon option on the Kodi home.

2. Choose Video addons and click the Alvin tile.

Video addons - Alvin on Kodi

3. With this, you will find its main menu on the screen. The menu options include

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • New Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Networks
  • Tools
  • Boxsets
  • Search and more.
Alvin Main Menu

That was all about the installation procedure of Alvin addon. You can follow the same procedure on all your device with the Kodi app. For any other issues, you shall reach us through the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alvin works with Real-Debrid?

Yes. Alvin users can link their Real-Debrid accounts to access high-quality links. You can also use Trakt.

Is the Alvin interface user-friendly?

Yes. The layout of Alvin is simple, and you can navigate its menu without any hassle.

Can I live stream on Alvin?

No. You cannot watch live TV with the Alvin addon. You shall check out the best live TV addons on Kodi.