[IMPORTANT] Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

Kodi has been the most powerful and capable media center for some time now. It revolutionized the way one watches TV shows and movies. You shall make the most out of this media center with the keyboard shortcuts. Whether the interface of the Kodi app isn’t easy for you or if you want to save some time, it is essential to know the best Kodi keyboard shortcuts. So, you don’t have to rely on the remote control to navigate the interface of the Kodi app. Rather, the keyboard shortcuts will let your job done at a faster rate.

These shortcuts works on almost all the addons including the popular ones like Exodus, The Magic Dragon, Venom, etc. and on all Kodi supported devices.

Best Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

The shortcut keys to use on Kodi media player along with its short description are as follows.

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Live TV Streaming

Shortcut Key – B

  • If in case you want to schedule the recording in the live TV on the go, then use the shortcut key B.

Shortcut Key – C

  • If you want to find the contextual menu of a folder, file, or add-on, then use this Kodi shortcut.
  • Selecting a video and pressing it will bring options like Play, Mark as Watched, etc.

Shortcut Key – E

  • Pressing this key while streaming on Kodi will open the Electronic Program Guide or EPG.

Shortcut Key – H

  • Press the H key to switch to the live TV screen. This is a way useful tip when you are navigating live TV windows or local libraries.

Shortcut Key – J

  • This Kodi keyboard shortcut will bring you the live radio channel window on your screen.

Shortcut Key – K

  • If you want to see the live TV recording window on the go, then use K as the shortcut.

Shortcut Key – 0

  • Press zero to toggle between the last two live TV channels you have watched on Kodi.

Shortcut Key – I

  • Check for the information about the TV show that you have currently selected on Kodi.

Shortcut Key – Up and Down Arrow | Left and Right Arrow

  • You shall use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to the top and bottom on the channel list.
  • Pressing the left and right arrow will move between the channel groups.

Shortcut Key – Volume Up and Down

  • Pressing the volume up key will increase the volume while the volume down key will lower the audio. This needs to be pressed multiple times to feel the effects.

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Shortcut Key – Up and Down Arrow | Left and Right Arrow

  • Pressing the Up or down arrow will take you to navigate your position up and down respectively.
  • Similarly, the left and right arrow will position you left and right respectively.

Shortcut Key – Enter

  • If you want to select something on the Kodi interface, then press the Enter key.

Shortcut Key – M

  • If you want to view the side menu in the default skin, then press this shortcut key.

Kodi Shortcuts for Audio Control

Shortcut Key – Minus (-) and Plus (+)

  • This will instantly decrease and increase the volume of the video playing on your Kodi screen.

Shortcut Key – A

  • Use this key to sync the audio and video. This will adjust the delay and play the video in sync with the audio.

Shortcut Key – F8

  • If you want to mute the playback, then you shall press this shortcut key.

Kodi Shortcuts for Pictures

Shortcut Key – S

  • If you had decided to exit from the Kodi screen, then press S. This might also shut down the system.

Shortcut Key – Plus (+) and Minus (-)

  • This will help you zoom in and zoom out on the photo.

Shortcut Key – Numbers (1-9)

  • Pressing this will result in incremental zoom. Number 1 being the smallest and 9 being the highest of zoom.

Shortcut Key – Period (.) and Comma (,)

  • You shall press this to browse back and forward through the image library respectively.

Shortcut Key – Esc

  • If in case you want to return to the previous menu or navigate back to the home screen, then press this key.

Platform Specific Kodi Shortcuts

Shortcut Key – Windows Key

  • This will let you use an option on your Windows PC outside Kodi without exiting it.

Shortcut Key – Cmd+H

  • Mac users can use this shortcut to quit Kodi.

Shortcut Key – Cmd+Q

  • Pressing this on Mac will hide Kodi to the dock.

Shortcut Key – Cmd+F

  • Use this shortcut to toggle fullscreen view on Mac.

Shortcut Key – Cmd+S

  • This Kodi keyboard shortcut will help you take a screenshot.

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Why Use VPN with Kodi?

It is highly recommended to use a VPN while streaming content over Kodi. Because the Kodi third-party app has lots of third-party add-ons. Those add-ons might bring you contents that are illegal. This in turn might bring you copyright infringement. However, a VPN connection will keep your identity hidden and no one can track what you browse online. Also, you can take advantage of geo-restrictions in a better way with a VPN.

Hope this section has let you learn the essential Kodi keyboard shortcuts for the better and easy streaming experience.

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