How to Get Vudu on Firestick / Fire TV [Update 2021]

The cable subscription price increases now and then. Also, the impact of having a smart TV can never be put into words. Both of them are the most common reason for people to switch over to cord-cutters. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick or Firestick is one noticeable option to stream entertainment content over Wi-Fi. Amazon App Store is the official app store of Firestick houses lots of popular apps. Even if you don’t find your favorite apps, you shall sideload them. In the lineup of third-party apps, we are about to discuss Vudu on Firestick.

What is Vudu?

Get access to unlimited movies and TV shows instantly with the Vudu app. It not only lets you stream videos but to rent, buy, and watch them. With Vudu, you will get access to new movies and shows before it is made available on other streaming services. It supports up to 4K UHD videos with Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos. Vudu features hundreds of titles for free with limited commercials. It supports downloading movies or shows for offline access. Unlike its rivals, Vudu users need not pay to access the catalog of shows.

Guidelines to Install Vudu on Firestick

Amazon Fire TV or Firestick users can proceed with the steps given below to access the Vudu app.

Configure Firestick

The following steps are mandatory as Fire TV doesn’t allow any third-party app installation by default.

1. With your Firestick connected to Wi-Fi, you should select Settings on the menu bar.

Choose Settings

2. Using the right directional keys, navigate to choose My Fire TV or System or Device.

My Fire TV

3. Scroll below to choose the Developer options.

Developer options

4. If the following window shows Apps from Unknown Sources as Off. Select it to turn On.

Apps from Unknown Sources

5. Choose the Turn On button when you see a warning message on the Fire TV screen.

Turn On

Steps to Sideload Vudu App on Firestick using Downloader

Vudu is not available on Amazon App Store officially. So, Fire TV users need to sideload Vudu apk to access on Fire TV.

1. Navigate on the second row of Fire TV to select Your Apps & Channels.

2. Locate the Downloader and select it to open it. Dismiss any prompt if you get any.

Downloader home screen

3. The main screen opens up with the Home tab selected. Hover to select the http:// field.

4. On the search window, enter the URL of Vudu as and select GO.

5. Select Vudu for Fire TV tile on the screen to proceed further.

Select Vudu for Fire TV

6. Hover to click on the Download Installation file button.

Download Installation File

7. With this, the download of the Vudu apk will begin and shows the progress.

File Download - Vudu on Firestick

8. When the download gets completed, select Install.

Install - Vudu on Firestick

9. Wait until App installed message appears on the screen. Select Done to proceed. Else click Open.

Done - Vudu on Firestick

10. On the Download pop-up, select Delete to remove the apk.

Delete - Vudu on Firestick

12. If prompted with a confirmation pop-up, choose Delete once again.

Confirm Delete - Vudu on Firestick

Why Use VPN on Firestick?

It is important to connect your Firestick with a VPN. With this, you choose privacy over security when you are online. The best VPN for Firestick will have servers across the world, and you will never be limited with geo-specific content. You can stream all of your favorite shows and movies from anywhere. Even if you happen to stream illegitimate streams, VPN will keep your identity private. So, you will not get into copyright issues.

Guidelines to Use Vudu on Firestick

The below steps will help you access the interface of the Vudu app on Firestick.

Note: Before you proceed, create a Vudu account. Visit to sign up with the necessary details.

1. Press the Home button on your Fire TV remote to choose Settings.

2. Go to the right side of the screen and select Applications.

Applications - Vudu on Firestick

3. Choose Manage Installed Applications and click on the Vudu app.

Manage Installed Applications

4. Select Launch Application, and the Vudu app will open up on your Fire TV.

Vudu - Vudu on Firestick

5. Choose to sign up or sign in. Optionally, you can use Browse.

Vudu on Firestick Home Screen

6. Upon seeing Success on the screen, select the Browse Vudu button.

Browse Vudu on Firestick

7. The home screen of Vudu appears with the following menu.

  • Movies
  • TV
  • Free
  • My Vudu
  • Redeem
  • Sign In
  • Search

Guidelines to Watch Movies on Vudu

You will find lots of Vudu movies available for free. For some reason, you will not be able to access the entire library using the Vudu app on Firestick. However, you can take advantage of this issue by using Vudu from a web browser on Fire TV.

1. On your Fire TV home, navigate to click on the Find option and select Search.


2. Using the screen keyboard, type as Silk Browser and choose it from the suggestions.

Search Amazon Silk Browser

3. On the screen that appears, click on the Internet tile.

Select Internet

4. You should hover to tap on the Download or Get button.

Click Download

5. After it gets installed, launch Silk Browser.

6. On the address bar at the top, type as and click GO.


7. Click on the Menu icon from the top-left corner.

8. Choose Sign In option and log in to your Vudu account.

Sign In

9. Select a movie or browser for any titles.

9. On the following screen, select the +Wishlist button.

10. Now, open the Vudu app on Firestick and click on My Wishlist on its home screen.


11. Choose the movie and select Watch Free with Ads button to stream it.

That’s all about the installation procedure of Vudu on Fire TV Stick. We hope you found this section useful. For any queries, you shall drop a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Vudu alternatives?

For a Vudu-like experience, choose BeeTV, Typhoon TV, CyberFlix TV, Titanium TV, etc.

What are the other platforms Vudu is accessible?

You can get Vudu on Google Play Store, App Store, Roku Store, and Windows Store. It is officially available for all these platforms.

How much is the rental or purchase costs of Vudu content?

If you prefer rental service, it starts from $8 to 99 cents per movie. You can purchase a movie for $14.

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